Operation Restore Dignity

Its principal objective being to create a user friendly and a hazard free and healthy environment, we need to beyond the operation itself. Creative an innovative means optimize the goals of the operation need to be explored. Of these, amongst others is to create a green environment by way of planting trees and to clean our public parks and make them a safer place for our children and generations to come.

In this instance, job creation opportunities become abundant. The office of the Executive Mayor and the MMC for Waste are in the process of establishing a twinning programme with a municipality based in the Netherlands. This process is at an advanced staged. It will entail training our people in waste management. Already a site has been identified to kick start the project which will create employment for our people. It will deal with sorting of waste and recycling in a safer and professionally technological methodology. Funds have already been set aside. Our people will be informed of developments on this project. We further need to use the National Arbor Day as an opportunity to deepen the operation and give it more publicity and conscientise our people on the importance of nature. Our environment should remain a heritage which needs to be treasured.

Operatation Restore Dignity is a special project of the Emfuleni Local Municipality, which will be implemented in five townships that form part of the Top 20 Priority Townships, namely Evaton, Boipatong, Bophelong, Sharpeville and Sebokeng.

The purpose of the campaign is to "Restore the value and ethics of dignity to local residents to be proud citizens of Emfuleni and South Africa and to restore workplace dignity amongst the employees of the Emfuleni Local Municipality."

Cleaner communities are healthier communities. Healthier communities are safer communities. Safer communities are happy communities.

Let us Reduce, Re-use and Recycle our waste to keep Emfuleni clean.

"Fiela Ngwanana - The Living pride of Emfuleni"

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