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Opening remarks by Chief Whip, Cllr CM Sale during Whippery Lekgotla at Ingwe Lodge, 08-10 November 2016

Cllr CM SaleGreeting and Welcome to The Regional Secretary Cde Bheki Ngobese, The Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive and Chair of ANC in our region Cde Mahole Simon Mofokeng, The Chief Whip of the District Cllr Assistance Mshudulu, The former Emfuleni Local Municipality Chief Whip Cde Thulane Kunene, The Whips of Emfuleni Local Municipality, Support Staff in my office.

Our Caucus Lekgotla takes place shortly after the successful ANC Regional Lekgotla; the Lekgotla has paved a way forward on what is expected from Government and ANC and Alliance Constitutional structures.

Chief Whip address at Buffalo City Metro Municipality, 25 June 2014

Cllr DE TshabalalaChief Whip of the ruling party and council, Speaker, Executive Mayor of the Metro, Whippery Members and Officials.

Receive my revolutionary greetings on behalf of Emfuleni Local Municipality ANC Caucus. This visit comes after the state President opened parliament on the 17th June 2014 wherein he outlined a clear program of action for the coming five years. Taking from the State of the Nation address it becomes clear that economy and local governance is prime in the cabinet program and that all of us need to tow the line in addressing service delivery in our respective municipalities.

Address by the Emfuleni Chief Whip, Cllr Eric Tshabalala on the Smart ID Card Awareness Programme in Partnership with the Department of Home Affairs held on the 2nd May 2014 – Sebokeng Home Affairs Offices

Cllr DE TshabalalaThe Programme Director, Sedibeng Executive Mayor Simon Mofokeng in absentia, Emfuleni Executive Mayor Greta Hlongwane, Members of the Mayoral, Committee from different Municipalities, Leadership of the Women Caucus, Guests including Learners, All Officials present here today, Ladies and Gentlemen

Dumelang, It gives me pleasure to be sharing this important platform with all of you here today. The 20 years journey we have traversed has been indeed exciting.

We are here today to celebrate the remarkable success that our twenty years of democracy has brought to all us.

Address by the Chief Whip at the Caucus Lekgotla held at Khaya IBhubesi on the 20 - 22 February 2013

Cllr DE TshabalalaFellow compatriots we meet just after a month the ANC having concluded its National Conference business which was held at Mangaung to get the reports both organizational and political speaking about the road traversed for the past five years both organizationally and in government as to are we still in line with the goals and targets we had set ourselves in 2008 at a conference which held in Limpopo.

Many thought this conference will be a catastrophic conference to the life of the ANC noting the abnormalities we witnessed in Limpopo during the 52 Conference. Yes comrades many thought this conference will give birth to another opposition party formed by the ANC dissidents but this was never the case as it became a watershed and an incident free conference which saw the movement taking very radical resolutions which must see the light of day in the coming five years.

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