Address by Chief Whip during Whippery Lekgotla, 25 - 26 April 2012

Cllr DE TshabalalaReceive my warm revolutionary greetings in the cold weather as we are greeted by the winter season but surely we are braced to face it as we soldier on in an endeavor to take caucus to the people to enhance oversight on service delivery and government accountatability.

We meet just two days after Africa has buried one of its son of the soil former President Bingu wa Mutharika as he died of heart attack. We equally wish the current president Banda well and hope that she will fit in well in Africa’s development agenda.

Comrades we meet at very historic time in our South African history as we remember the former president of the ANC who led for 30 years without fail when the ANC was underground i.e. Oliver Reginald Tambo as he passed on during this month. On the same breath we welcome the announcement by the State presidency office that O.R. will be amongst the dignitaries who will be honoured for the role he played in our liberation struggle.

This is the same month that the former General Secretary of the South African Communist Party was gunned down by Jalussi Wallusi in 1991 in the morning of the 10th April. We bid him farewell for the role he played in the liberation struggle as he was amongst the few who were advocating for the armed struggle which led to the established the Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961.

We equally wish to thank the almighty for having spared us the sitting president of the ANC and president of the republic for 70 years; we say Halala Nxamalala ore holele mohale hara bahale.

This Lekgotla could not have come at a better time as we have just been given a vote of confidence in how we run our administration as one of the complying municipalities. We congratulate the Municipal Manager and his team for splendid work they keep on doing during this financial trying time. This indeed signals our determination to become a Metro as we are leading good governance as this council.

Comrades as the office we are saddened by one of our own in the office Mote Mthimkhulu an Admin Assistant who has been admitted in hospital after a horrendous accident. We call upon all powers to save him and heal him as we still need expertise, zeal and dedication in the struggle for social transformation for bettering the lives of our people.

Comrades we are meeting in less than a month before our regional conference of the African national Congress under the theme:
I note that mankind is devided into three categories
‘Those that are immovable’
‘Those that are movable’
‘Those that move’

All of us then need to check where we fall in these categories. On the same breath the ANC is celebrating its 100 years of selfless struggle. I call upon all of us to find means of combining the two themes and put them into practice.

We note  our achievements of an accelerated service delivery as the ANC led municipality as you can see all around that indeed there is work happening in our wards noting the clean state of our municipality, lights are up and the fire is burning. Lets remember that our is the redistribution of the economy and eradication of poverty in our municipality of more than 650 thousand people which makes one of the biggest local municipality.

In our latest discussion on councillor’s accountability and implementation of code of conduct, we found that formal mechanisms exist in the ANC and in the council as coucillors were made to take an oath and made to sign a code of conduct as to manage the conduct of our councilors. Amidst all these we still find our coucnilors misbehaving we find ourselves being unable to invoke such code conduct due to tensions and factionalism in the ANC and in the alliance and we find opposition taking advantage of the situation thus affecting the smooth running of council.

We have in the past being speaking about the Separation of Powers and time to talk on the subject matter is no more as what is awaiting us is the implementation, between legislative and executive domain of local government. As Emfuleni Local Municipality we did pilot this concept in the previous administration in Finiance and we did well. The constitution R.S.A 1996 provides for a clear separation of powers and functions between legislature and executive arm of government within national and provincial sphere of government, however this distinction is not clear in the case of local government.

This lack of separation of executive and legislative power within local government has affected lines of accountability in local government and within the ANC between deployed cadres performing different roles. The mayoral committee members do not have the executive status as opposed to the cabinet and provincial executive council which enjoys executive status enshrined in the constitution.

The municipality has only one accounting office as opposed to national and provincial which several accounting officers responsible for various departments, municipal employees are not regarded as public servants meaning they are not governend by the public service act but rather municipal systems act. Comrades in the discussion of sub-committees on local government there is a strong view based on practice that the two tier model of local government must be reformed and that districts should be disestablished, this notion support our view on single authority in our region hence it is important that we take this discussion to the national policy conference scheduled for July.

Comrades this lekgotla has got to ponder on the issue of the relation between our internal audit, MPAC and external audit by the Auditor general as part of keeping to good governance. This I raise as this caucus has a responsibility of ensuring that we root out corruption through tendering systems, paying ghost workers, paying contractors for clumsy if not unfinished work. As whippery through the oversight work we have to be on our toes in making this point of manifesto a reality.

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