Joint Media Statement

20 September 2012 - The Vaal University of Technology, in collaboration with the Emfuleni Local Municipality, has initiated a capacity building programme for local coucillors. The aim of which is to develop public management skills for Municipal Councillors with the vision that this will assist them in performing their duties and increase their contribution to the public sector.

The programme will equip councilors with a better understanding of the handling of community issues as well as other council matters. Entrenched in VUT’s Mission Statement is that the university interacts closely with industry and community to ensure the relevance of its programmes and qualifications, thus this platform created the opportunity for a two-way partnership that catered for the like of such a unique programme that offers mutually beneficial opportunities for both institutions and perhaps will serve as a model for other municipalities to latch on to.

This uniquely formulated course will address the municipality’s primary factor of building sustainable communities through capacity building that would be acquired and addressed through the programme. Currently councillors have already embarked on a three year Public Management course through the partnership programme that will bear fruitful results in equipping councillors with the necessary skills and knowledge in their specific specialized fields of expertise.

“We are hoping to strengthen and maintain the relations and/or partnership between the two institutions and further enhance the capacity of councillors”, said Mr. Klaas Mafomme: spokesperson for the Emfuleni Municipality.

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