Chief Whip's address during the business breakfast with the Business Community, 08 February 2013

Cllr DE TshabalalaExecutive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality, Her Excellency Nomthandazo Hlongwane, Speaker of Emfuleni Local Municipality Council, His Majesty MsebenziGqeloshe, Whippery of the ANC in Council, Cllr Morolong, Cllr Ngubane, Cllr Malisa.

We meet 49 days after we have concluded the business of the ANC conference in Mangaung and one of the things that were on the epitome was addressing the triple challenges faced by the South African society in totality without any segregation.


It must be said without equivocation that as the ruling party we are still committed to the non racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa and we believe that against all critics and doomsayers we shall attain this dream.
This country in its definition of the developmental state has always put the role of business in the epic centre, which signifies that government in building a better life for all cannot and will never be able to realize unless we partner in this endeavor. This is not a political statement but it remains one of the key programs by the government of the day which is led by the African national Congress of eradicating poverty, inequality and joblessness.


Fellow countrymen and women our relation emanates from the initiative we took as the municipality on 67 minutes of community development in honor of the international icon as declared by the United Nationsa call to action for people in every corner of the world to volunteer their services, resources and embrace the values that have embodied Nelson Mandela’s life – democracy, equality, reconciliation, diversity, responsibility, respect and freedom -- and to make a difference in the places where they live and work. I must hasten to say that over the years we have tried to perfect the concept working with both public and private sector.
The intention for us as South African society is to transform ourselves from the thinking of the past towards the very promising future. Indeed the thinking about a transformational mindset evokes that dichotomy of revolution and reform. What this underlines is that if you have to transform political and socio-economic relations in a setting such as we have had in South Africa, you had and have to destroy and build afresh.

But the profound lesson of the past 18 years of democracy is that the process of building cannot be a spontaneous activity. The new edifice has to be created, brick by brick, by a corps of builders, of which local businessmen and women are an indispensable part.This requires clarity about vision and objective – indeed a transformational mindset characterized by the ability, in the imagination, to transcend the present and live the future by practically constructing it today.

This in essence speaks to us as we dream of a Smart City which is ecologically friendly and off-course will in turn yield positive spin-offs for the business community as it will attend investor confidence within Sedibeng moreover that this Smart City we see it within the Metro municipality which by now processes are at an advance stage hence our call that let us gallop together towards attaining this dream we have as the government and as the ruling party.

This dream is best explained by the Sedibeng District mayor and the Regional Chairperson of the ANC ‘We must dream of a vibrant economy that competes with the rest of the country and the international community. We must dream that the future leaders of government, science and technology, business and industry, that the stars of sport and music, cinema and stage will come from Sebokeng or Evaton, from Meyerton or Heidelberg, from Roshnee and Rustervaal. We must dream of a globally competitive and thriving Vaal Metropolitan River City, which has an urban centre derived from the natural merger of Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark and Sharpeville. An urban centre that is unique in having office parks overlooking the Vaal River, with recreation and leisure facilities and activities on the waterfront’.
The clarion call that we then do as the government and the ruling party is that let us give life to this dream by giving meaning to the concept of Public private Partnership as we join hand together in fighting this triple oppression that is challenging us as the South African society which we believe working together is surmountable. We promise to do well in delivering a politically stable municipality which will in turn bring infrastructure development in our area.

This initiative as the Executive Mayor is robustly and apologetically committing to road infrastructure development in this financial year will see many small businesses benefiting immensely from steel industry, taxi industry and retail industry in its totality. We reiterate that let us partner as there are things that we will also expect that you help us with

  1. That you pay your rates and taxes so that as the municipality we are able to live to the dream we have which you are also part of.
  2. That you help us deal heavily with corruption as government and as the ruling party by not corrupting our officials as that in turn will do no good for the your corporate image
  3. That you continuously expand within the municipality for our people to get jobs, procure more from you given affordability in turn they will also pay their rates and taxes and the municipality will then be able to invest more in infrastructure development
  4. As part of your Corporate Social Investment that help to contribute towards the municipal bursary fund, grow the Mandela day program to be a well sustainable program that will live for 365 day and more other projects that may be identified by the municipality.

Let us begin to be jealous about our area as we believe that working together with the business fraternity we can achieve more in building a society that cares as attributed in the Strategy and Tactic of 2007 that speaks of the National Democratic Society attributes which amongst them include:

  1. A democratic state that draws its legitimacy from the people
  2. Recognition of the multiple identities of South Africans such as race, gender,
    language and class – but identities that should feed into an over-arching sense
    of our common belonging as South Africans
  3. Taking care of the most vulnerable in society especially children, the elderly and
    people with disability
  4. Right of access to land, professions and opportunity to take part in economic
    activity at all levels.

These are the core attributes of a National Democratic Society as broadly provided for inthe Constitution of the land.

I must make mention that it is our intention that we provide a business friendly environment which will infuse fruits which we shall all enjoy; this is enshrined in the Sedibeng Growth and Development Strategy 2. This we have proven by for the first time in the history of Emfuleni Local municipality attaining an unqualified audit opinion which gives an impetus to our commitment of clean governance and financially viable municipality.

In closure I wish to thank all of you for having taken part in the enormous work of refurbishing the house of Mr… who subjected to inhuman life of living in a dilapidated house with chickens inside the house. Indeed your act signals patriotism to the core and it responds directly to the attributes of the National Democratic Society. These relations should be solidified henceforth in fighting the triple challenges facing us as fellow countrymen and women of poverty, inequality and joblessness.

May I before I leave the podium thank my office for going an extra mile and helping those who are less fortunate. It is in this note that I wish to say to them that you do not applaud when the fish is swimming irrespective of the skill it shows whilst in water. I know some may be laughing when I relate the story of a fish nevertheless you are still a fish.

All this that I have mentioned above would not happen if we do not pull the same weight together as the South African society. Be part of the dream and own so that all of us can understand our role in making it come true but I must vehemently say that we remain static to this beautiful dream and nothing will deter us.
Ladies, gentlemen and fellow compatriot’s Good morning.

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