Opening remarks by Chief Whip, Cllr CM Sale during Whippery Lekgotla at Ingwe Lodge, 08-10 November 2016

Cllr CM SaleGreeting and Welcome to The Regional Secretary Cde Bheki Ngobese, The Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive and Chair of ANC in our region Cde Mahole Simon Mofokeng, The Chief Whip of the District Cllr Assistance Mshudulu, The former Emfuleni Local Municipality Chief Whip Cde Thulane Kunene, The Whips of Emfuleni Local Municipality, Support Staff in my office.

Our Caucus Lekgotla takes place shortly after the successful ANC Regional Lekgotla; the Lekgotla has paved a way forward on what is expected from Government and ANC and Alliance Constitutional structures.

We will be meeting here for the next two and half days to seriously engage on issues that affects our municipality and the ANC in our region. We will emerge with concrete resolution. We are expected to walk side by side with our entire caucus on the implementation of our Lekgotla resolutions.

This call on all of us to stop on fighting over petty issues but to redirect our energies in mobilizing our masses, to make noise about the achievements of the ANC in delivering basic services. We must also not to be afraid to accept challenges in areas where we fail to deliver to the expectations of our communities.
Comrades must continuously embrace and speak about our achievements, in most cases we do more and speak less; we must develop a culture of informing our communities on our achievements. If we continuously remain silent on our achievement, our people will doubt our ability to deliver on their mandate. We have one single diary that guides, our bible, the Manifesto.

We must tell our people that the ANC strides like an elephant, no matter how slow the pace of the elephant, it will reach its intended destination and us, as the ANC in Government, we will be able to reach our destination. Our destination is to deliver on the 2016 Local Government Elections Manifesto.  I wish to remind this caucus leadership that we inherited the ANC which was bigger, stronger and intact from O.R Tambo, he managed to steer this ship under difficult conditions.

We will be giving confidence to our masses that the ANC does care for its people, our humble contribution will forever make the ANC stronger, we will be affirming what the Late Comrade O R Tambo requested us to do during the First National Conference of ANC in the Country after the unbanning of political parties,
We are guardians of our movement, therefore our actions inside or outside the movement, our personal behavior in our communities, are key determining factors as to where do we want to take our movement.  

It is in our hands to ensure that the ANC remains the same, Our ambition should be to build a strong mass based ANC, if we fail in our conviction we will be letting down the hard work of Comrade OR Tambo, we are fortunate because we are resourced with millions ideas to do the right thing.

Caucus Leadership

As politicians, in theory, we are representatives of the people, our purpose is to make and execute policies that will make our region prosper on infrastructure development and economically.

Our mightiest weapon has been always to seek to tell the truth, therefore our people understand that we have limited resource, the little that we have, we are able to impact positively on their lives. We have one motive to keep us pure, doing good things for our region; therefore, our legacy will be the imprint we leave behind those we led in our time.

Among other things, the vision, principles and values of the ANC teach the cadres of this movement life-long lessons that inform us that, wherever we are and whatever we do, we should ensure that our actions contribute to the attainment of a free and just society, the upliftment of all our people and the development of a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it

I am convinced that you will work tirelessly in the next two days to realize the dream to change the lives of our people for the better.

Comrade Chief Whips

As we move out of the Lekgotla, we must extensively engaged on critical issues presented to us, oversight committees, must ensure that our resolutions find expression in government programs.

The ball is in your court; change is in your hands, use the power vested in you for the betterment of our communities.

Comrades, I am positive that our caucuses leadership will always strive to forge Unity and Cohesion. We are here for a simple purpose, a better life for all our electorates, they are our first line of march, Our major tasks is to work towards improving their lives, our personal ambitions have no room in the ANC, we are driven by our oath of office, our success will be determined by changes we have made whilst in control of office.

Let us not look for mistakes and excuses but let us a find a common ground in finding solutions. In so doing we will be changing the lives of our people for the better.

Finally, I want to remind this Caucus Leadership that the people of Emfuleni have spoken on the 3rd August 2016, they made it clear that they still have confidence on the ANC, no matter how small the number of people who turned out to vote on that cold weather, the majority we enjoy today in Emfuleni Municipality is as a result of those who casted their votes in favour of the ANC.

The brains that are gathered here today, must ensure that our caucus puts the interest of communities at heart, your task is to provide strategic leadership to caucus

Thank you

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