Address by the Chief Whip of Emfuleni Local Municipality on the occasion of Whippery Lekgotla Woodlands Country Lodge, 23 -25th April 2018

Cllr CM SaleCouncillors allow me to appreciate honour and privilege to recognize amongst ourselves our ANC Sedibeng Regional Secretary CDE Bheki Ngobese, Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality Cllr Jacob Khawe and the Chief Whip of Sedibeng District Municipality Cllr Assistant Mshudulu, all members of the Whippery and all officials present today.

We meet in an occasion just after the passing of the late Mother of the Nation Cde Nomzamo Winfred Madikizela Mandela, Cde Dr Zola Skweyiya, Cde George Nene and this happens in the month were we commemorate the death of the late Solomon Mahlangu, Chris Hani and longest serving president Cde Oliver Reginald Tambo. Indeed April is a month whereby we commemorate and celebrate the lives of our heroes and heroines, it is also further important to note as we meet here today we are tasked to deliver effective and efficient service delivery to our people underpinned by both Batho Pele Principle and Ntirisano Back to Basics.


Councillors in the next coming three days it is our task to assess and review our past commitments and resolutions of our Whippery Lekgotla held in 2016 in ensuring the implementation of the ANC local government election manifesto which focuses on the following,

  • Provide democratic and accountable government for local communities.
  • Ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner.
  • Promote social and economic development.
  • Promote a safe and healthy environment.
  • Encourage involvement of communities and community organisations on matters of local government.

Councillors these are commitments we have sworn ourselves as public representatives to implement and champion in the five years of our term of office. We therefore should remain focused, steadfast in our commitment to serve our communities and dare not to fail; currently our municipality is finds itself in a situation of lack of revenue collection, which equally makes our task to be very difficult but not impossible. In his State of the Province the Premier of Gauteng Honourable David Makhura said “problem facing township businesses is the mushrooming of unregulated businesses owned by foreign nationals. This is a matter we must address boldly and decisively to enforce by-laws and trading regulations. Many township entrepreneurs are being squeezed out of businesses by this unlawfully operating foreigner-owned businesses. Comrade Mayor may I indicate to you that the Whippery has conducted a programme in enforcing that all these foreign nationals comply and this must not be viewed in a negative way rather as part of revenue enhancement, these can only happened when they are formerly regulated within the municipality bylaws. Second to that as the Whippery we must ensure thorough composition and research within our study groups as this will ensure effective Whippery in dealing with governance issues as mandated by our organization through the 2016 local government manifesto, it is our task as whippery and this Lekgotla to come out of here with proper and attainable programme of action. Going forward as the Chief Whip I will not accept non attendance of councillors both on section 80 and study group meeting. The time has arrived to take our deployment serious as councillors to address and improve the current situation of our municipality.

I therefore the honourable Mayor and the district Chief Whip commit the Emfuleni Whippery collective to work hand in glove with yourselves in achieving the strategic objectives of the 2016 local government manifesto and the Ntirisano Back to Basics principles and these can only be done when we as councillors are held accountable and also by improving research in Study Groups.

During the current year as the Chief Whip I intend taking study tours to other local municipalities to assess and learn best practices the effective way on how to improve the study groups. To quote the state president honourable Cyril Ramaphosa when he delivered the state of the nation address when he said “Special economic zones remain important instruments we will use to attract strategic foreign and domestic direct investment and build targeted industrial capabilities and establish new industrial hubs…”it is not only relevant to the national sphere of government, it is equally important to our municipality which is historically an industrialised area, we therefore need to borrow from this in improving the financial situation of our municipality. The economic development, corporate and social development study groups should ensure that these underpins their work and research going forward.

It is important that as we gather here in the presence of the ANC Regional Secretary Cde Bheki Ngobese we commit ourselves as the Whippery of Emfuleni in working hard to realize better life for all our communities in Emfuleni and this can only be done if we conduct effective and efficient whippery and study groups.

To conclude allow me also to borrow from the honourable president Cyril Ramaphosa when he said.

“I wanna be there when the people start to turn it around When they triumph over poverty
I wanna be there when the people win the battle against AIDS
I wanna lend a hand
I wanna be there for the alcoholic
I wanna be there for the drug addict
I wanna be there for the victims of violence and abuse
I wanna lend a hand
Send me.”

I thank you

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