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Supply Chain Management can be defined as a collaborative strategy that aims to integrate procurement and provisioning processes in order to eliminate non-value added cost, infrastructure, time and activities to fast track service delivery. The essence of SCM is to develop integrated planning of operations, tactics and strategies.

The Supply Chain Management unit has the responsibility to develop a list of accredited providers of goods and service. SCM should, at least once every year, through newspapers commonly circulating within the area, invite prospective providers to apply for listing as accredited prospective providers.

Criteria for selection of providers for goods and services

The following criteria applies to all levels and mechanisms of procurement as a basis of appointing suitable providers for the provision of goods and services.

  • Suitably qualified and experienced to perform the work;
  • Having the necessary resources and capacity to deliver;
  • Having registered on the database and having been assessed as a suitable supplier;
  • Being in good legislative standing, i.e. Municipal account, Tax clearance, CIDB registration, COIDA compliance.
  • Compliance with technical requirements and specified criteria;
  • Compliance with all the relevant legislations seeking to promote black ownership, ownership by women, youth and disabled as well as the promotion of Small, medium and micro enterprises.

Method of Selecting Supplier

  • Purchases below R 2000.00—Petty cash
  • Purchases above R 2000 but below R 30 000.00—three written quotations.
  • Purchases above R 30 000.00 but below R 200 000.00—Formal written quotations and must be advertised on the internal notice boards and the website for a period of at least seven days.
  • Purchases above R 200 000.00—Competitive bidding process and must be advertised for a period of at least fourteen days in the newspapers widely in circulation within the area.
  • Supplier pre-qualification—suppliers will be pre-qualified especially for professional services based on a predetermined criteria. Only those suppliers that are pre-qualified will be put on a roster for future projects.

Who should register

  • All small, medium and micro enterprises that aspire to do business with the municipality
  • All the providers of professional services that wish to be on a roster of providers of professional services

When to register

  • Potential suppliers will be invited at least once a year to register on the database.
  • All previously registered potential suppliers will be expected to re-apply for registration as their details might have changed during the financial year.

How to register

Complete a vendor registration form (attainable at Emfuleni Local Municipality or the municipality’s website) and return it to the following address:

Emfuleni Local Municipality
Corner Frikkie Meyer Blvd and Klasie Havenga Road
Room ST 7 First Floor

Or could be posted to
Supply Chain Management Department
Emfuleni Local Municipality
P.O. Box 3

No faxed applications will be accepted

Contact Person

Mr Shadrack Motsiri
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Fax: (016) 950 5254
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