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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Honourable Cllr. Maipato Elisa, born “Chaotsane” on the 21st January 1961, to the late Mr. Piet and Mrs. Florinah Chaotsane in a small dusty township in Phomolong Hennenman in the Free-State. She is the last daughter of the four children of the deceased parents.

My mother who was my role-model was a Domestic-Worker and my father a Self-Employed Contractor who built many houses, schools and churches during those days of apartheid without going to school. He owned his Building Construction Company and employed many people while transferring his skills and knowledge of his trade.

During weekends he was an Elderly Preacher of the “Gospel of Jesus” in our church “International-Assemblies of God, in the late 1960’s. He was born in 1912 passed on in 1981. The church was conducted at our Home. I was brought up by “God” fearing parents” who loved work and were very strict with moral issues. Both of them liked “Education” even if they were deprived of it. My mother comes from a “Royal-Basotho clan” in Lesotho Kolonyama-ha-Makhatha. My father comes from Clocolan in the Free-State.

I completed my Primary Education at Phomolong Primary School as an “A” student and all my teachers wanted me to be a Doctor as I was very good in Mathematics and Science.

In 1976 I went to Makabelane High School. At school I was part of the Students Christian Movement. At the age of 15 years at a Boarding School in Qwaqwa we were taught all subjects in Afrikaans except our mother tongue which was Sotho even if you were not a Sotho speaking person you had to adjust. On the 1st of April 1976 we then protested and burn all our Afrikaans books and “denounced” that we are tired of Bantu-Education.

We were all dismissed by Police and many got arrested. All the girls that were arrested who were under-age were released and our parents were called and we were given warnings. We stayed away from school for “six months” until October 1976 when we were called back to write exams.

During the six months break my brother took me to Lebogang High School in Thabong Welkom to attend classes but I refused as most of my friends were not attending school. We were also labeled as problematic students until 16th June 1976 when “Soweto Uprising” took place and all other areas follow suit. We went back and I schooled there until 1979. I was now staying with me eldest brother Michael Chaotsane who owned many businesses in Thabong Welkom and was a Chief-Superintendent in Welkom Hospital and his wife Suzan Chaotsane who was a Nursing –sister at the same hospital. They resigned from Department Health and ran our family Businesses. In 1980 I got married and I was blessed with my first son Lebogang Tsokolibane “Dj Chocolatebar” and stayed in Kroonstad until my then husband who was teaching at Lekoa-Shandu in Sharpeville took us to the Vaal. We relocated in 1980 in Sharpeville.

My brother who was not happy about my early marriage encouraged me to go back to school. I then went to Tshepo-Themba to finish my grade 12 in 1981. My father then passed on in 1981 and I was now left with my brother who took over as my father, even if I was married.

Hard work and respect for work started very early in my life. My brother who was highly political will tell us that “Education” is very important and will take you out of poverty. In Thabong, Welkom there are two streets named after him. “Mike Chaotsane”, may his soul rest in peace.

In 1981 while attending school at Tshepo-Themba we also fought again and our class who was regarded as an “A” class because of us doing Mathematics and Science was instrumental in the strike and organizers of protests for the abuse of girl children by some teachers.

In 1982 I got a job in Vereeniging at Score Super Market but I left that job very early because of the abuse of a “white” manager then knowing that I left home a Mike’s Hardware and Supermarket. I am exploited by a “white-boy” I left that job.

In 1983 I went to Sebokeng Teacher’s College of Education to do a three years Diploma in Education (S.T.D) in 1983, 1984, 1985. In 1984 there was Vaal Uprising on 3rd of September when again we found ourselves out of school. We were deprived of another three months of no schooling until in December 1984 early we went to write exams.

In 1984 at Sebokeng College of Education I was elected as the Chairperson of the SRC representing Women Affairs at College. One of my achievements during that time was to fight for students who were expelled when pregnant while the majority were over 18 years and others were married. We changed the policy and allow them to go home and come back after delivery. I led that institution for three years.

I have been fighting for injustice and the abuse of women. My political consciousness grew during these trying times, in 1985 when I completed my three years Diploma in teaching. During our graduation-ceremony the then Bantu-Education Minister was invited to address us.

We were expected to follow him when he made an “Oath” that we will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Country and their Policies. I kept quiet because I was already pissed off, of some of the policies taught there. Most of my Lecturers who saw me did not report me especially the “white” ones, because they understood my rebelliousness.

I started working at Moqhaka High School in 1986. My rebellious nature started there again when we were told to clean schools walls after students wrote on them and we were seen as students-instigators. I refused and I was told that my contract was over and in 1987 we went to start a new school in Evaton; Maxeke High School.

My journey has been painful as I fought for an equal society, freedom of expression, respect children and student’s dignity and rights. I hated the oppression of Educators and 1988 I was taken again out of Maxeke High School to start another new school E.D Mashabane High school. I was seen as a threat to other teachers and students. I was labeled as “Winnie Mandela” or “WAWA” (Woman Against Women Abuse) by the Department of Education. Our District office by then was very “white” and no teacher was expected to rebel on their system of Education. I condemned corporal-punishment where children left school just to run away from it. It was a cruel measure for reprimanding students and we experienced a lot of “dropouts” from school. I have been very vocal on the rights of teachers and students.

In 1990 “Vaal Professional Teachers Association” was formed and I became a supporter and a member and mobilize teachers in all local schools. In 1991 the Langalimbe Massacre happened and 15 of my students were killed in zone 7. In 1992 I had my second son “Itumeleng” who is also a DJ. After 1992 we formed SADTU and I became the Shopsteward in our school and representing Evaton Branch. I never “fought for any position”. I knew that God will award me at the right time. I fought the system that was unjust, I fought for the down-trodden and disadvantaged the poor, children and women that was my mission. I hate laziness and opportunism. I believe in justice and the truth. In 1996 I applied for a Deputy Principal Position and was appointed at Itokisetse Primary School in Evaton and worked there until 2000 when ANC requested me to come and be a Councillor in Emfuleni. It was a very emotional request and I was deployed there until now. A long journey of sweat, hard work, dedication, commitment and passion. I served for 32 years in Public-Sector Empowering the Disadvantaged.

My motto is “Work even when someone is not looking at you”.

I believe in God’s Grace. “God bless Emfuleni”. “God bless Gauteng”. “God Bless South Africa”.

Political Profile

  1. 1968 to 1975 – Phomolong Primary School ( Prefect) (7 – 14 Years)
  2. 1976 to 1979 – S.C.M Makabelane High School (Student Christian Movement) (15 – 19 years)
  3. 1981 - Tshepo-Themba High School. (Evaton) (20 Years)
  4. 1983 to 1985 – Chairperson of SRC/Women Affairs “Chief Prefect” Sebokeng College of Education (22 to 24 Years)
  5. 1990 – Vaal professional Teachers Association member (VAPTO)
  6. 1992 – SADTU shopsteward Evaton Branch
  7. 1994 - IEC – Election Monitor (Vaal Region)
  8. 1995 – SANCO – Vereeniging branch deputy secretary
  9. 1996 – ANC Greater Vereeniging Branch member
  10. 1997 – ANC REC member (HOD – Health)
  11. 2004 to 2006 - ANC Regional Deputy Secretary (first woman)
  12.  2005 to 2007 - ANCWL – Regional Treasurer.
  13. 2006 to 2010 – ANC REC (HOD Education)
  14. 2010 to 2012- Chairperson ANC Langalibalele Dube Branch (first woman)  Ward 04
  15. 2010 to 2013– ANCWL – Chairperson Langalibalele Dube (Ward 04) 
  16. 2010 to 2012- Deputy Secretary Vanderbijlpark Zone
  17. 2015 to 2018- ANC REC / RWC

Work Experience

  1. 1986 – Moqhaka High School – Educator (25 Years)
  2. 1988 - Maxeke High School – Educator
  3. 1990 – E.D Mashabane High School Educator
  4. 1995 to 2000 – Itokisetse Primary – Deputy Principal (34 Years)
  5. 1994 to 1998 - Community Development Tutor (ABET) Vaal University of Technology
  6. 2008 Board Member Sedibeng Training Centre
  7. 2014 to 2019 – Sedibeng TVET- College’s Council member

ANC Deployment

  1. 2001 to 2005 > MMC of SRAC – Emfuleni Local Municipality – Mayor Sebi Motshoeneng
  2. 2002 to 2005 > MMC of Health and Social Development – Emfuleni Local Municipality – Mayor Johny Thabane
  3. 2008 to 2008 > MMC of Development Planning – Sedibeng District Municipality – Mayor Mlungisi Hlongwane
  4. 2006 to 2011 > MMC Health,
    1.  > MMC Social Development,
    2. > MMC Safety and Security
    3.  > MMC Environmental management
  5. 2011 to 2015 > MMC of Local Economic Development / Agriculture and rural Development – Mayor Simon Mofokeng
  6. 2015 to 2017 > Emfuleni Local Municipality Speaker
  7. SALGA > Chairperson of Gender Committee
  8. SALGA > Deputy Chairperson Economic Development Cluster


  • 1981 - Grade 12 - Tshepo Themba High School
  • 1985 - Senior Teacher’s Diploma (STD) - Sebokeng College of Education
  • 1996 - Diploma in Remedial Education - RAU (UJ)
  • 1994 - B.A Degree - Vista University (Vaal Campus)
  • 1995 - B.Ed Degree (Management) - North West University (Vaal Campus)
  • 2013 - Post graduate certificate in Executive Leadership Level 08 - Vaal University of Technology (PALAMA)
  • 2014 - IDP Certificate Level 06 - LGSETA
  • 2015 - Local Government Certificates, Finance, Tourism, Leadership Level 05 - LGSETA
  • Currently - Masters in Public administration - North West University (Vaal campus)


1. Love cooking had a “Catering and Events Management Company”. (Dormant)
2. Reading Books, Politics, management and Religion.
3. Music – Gospel and others
4. Love singing and dancing

Next project

Write a Book on Women Empowerment / Leadership.


Our Vision: A developmental municipality that continuously improves the quality of life of its residents. Emfuleni Local Municipality (previously Lekoa) is one of three Local Municipalities comprising the Sedibeng District Municipality situated in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa.

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