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The Vaal icon struggle Mother Theresa celebrates her 54 birthday

A house was built for Theresa Ramashamole, the only woman sentenced to the gallows, in celebration of her resilience and gallant fight against apartheid system, by Emfuleni Local Municipality. The two-bedroom house was built by Wami Nhlapo the constructor, in honouring the role played by Theresa, one of the Sharpeville Six.

The Sharpeville six got arrested for their role in the death of the late deputy mayor under the notorious Black Local Authorities.

Service delivery vs Overdue accounts

Emfuleni Local Municipality is taking a tough line on non-payment of accounts.

“If the balance on your latest account shows an overdue amount, you have already been scheduled for a cut-off because your account is 30 days overdue. To avoid being cut off, you must pay your account immediately. As stipulated in the Credit Control and Debt Collection by-law the Municipality (ELM) is not compelled to provide a final demand notice or provide a 14 day grace period”, reads Municipality policy.

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