Emfuleni News

Kwa- Masiza Hostel to receive major renovations

Emfuleni Local Municipality will spend at least R46 Million this financial year to convert the Kwa-Masiza hostel in Sebokeng into community residential units.

This project entails the refurbishment of 672 units, water, sewer and electricity. Water and sewer networks are at 95% completion stage. The project is on hold until occupants start to move into the temporary units which will be delivered during the course of this week. The contractor (Makgotamishe) will start working on the buildings. Building works and electrification is expected to be complete in 3 years time. 

Massive housing development goes ahead in Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens Housing project has been approved by the Emfuleni Local Municipality and work has already begun in the area. It is the first housing project that has a construction of 666 RDP’s and 666 backyard units, total 1332. The project also entails the construction of 1000 services (water, sewer and storm water).

This is the biggest and a unique housing development ever to be undertaken in Emfuleni area. The beneficiaries will inherit houses with equally beautiful backyards units which can be used for rental purposes that allowing the owners to earn some income.

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