Emfuleni News

Massive housing development goes ahead in Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens Housing project has been approved by the Emfuleni Local Municipality and work has already begun in the area. It is the first housing project that has a construction of 666 RDP’s and 666 backyard units, total 1332. The project also entails the construction of 1000 services (water, sewer and storm water).

This is the biggest and a unique housing development ever to be undertaken in Emfuleni area. The beneficiaries will inherit houses with equally beautiful backyards units which can be used for rental purposes that allowing the owners to earn some income.

Reclaiming Vereeniging from drug lords and prostitution

Peace officers of Emfuleni Local Municipality (Traffic, By-Law Officers, Environmental Officers and Land Use inspectors), together with the South African Police officers and inspectors from Home Affairs department raided the Vereeniging town of prostitution, drug-trafficking and illegal persons in the region recently.

The operation was led by the member of the mayoral committee responsible for public safety and community development, Clr Veli Mcera. “The objective of this operation is to fight crime addressing social environment issues. Enforcement of the municipality’s by-laws, as well as attending to those houses that illegal connected themselves electricity and water. It is a fact that some houses are operating safe havens for drug lords and illegal brothels with minor children traded as sex slaves”, said Mcera during the parade session at Sedibeng College. Just after the briefing, officers were dispatched to different streets and houses.

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