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Lest we forget! Focus on Human Rights Month

March is Human Rights month in South Africa, a time to reflect on the lessons of our painful history. To commemorate the 58th anniversary of Sharpeville Massacre, a day known as Human Rights Day in our country, Voice of Emfuleni spoke to some of the survivors of that fateful day, the 21st of March 1960.

These are residents of Emfuleni whose lives were scarred forever by that landmark protest against pass laws and the ‘dom pass’ outside the old Sharpeville police station.

Cleaning Emfuleni, One township at a time

In keeping a promise he made at his inauguration last November, Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Councillor Jacob Khawe continues to lead a cleaning campaign in different wards and residential areas in the municipality.

The campaign is aimed at accelerating and supporting existing service delivery programs and takes place on a fortnightly basis. It is all about service delivery departments, their employees and senior personnel converging in an identified area to deliver services. It is aimed at achieving a cleaner environment for residents of Emfuleni and encouraging them to participate in eradicating dumping sites.

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