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Cleaning Emfuleni, One township at a time

In keeping a promise he made at his inauguration last November, Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Councillor Jacob Khawe continues to lead a cleaning campaign in different wards and residential areas in the municipality.

The campaign is aimed at accelerating and supporting existing service delivery programs and takes place on a fortnightly basis. It is all about service delivery departments, their employees and senior personnel converging in an identified area to deliver services. It is aimed at achieving a cleaner environment for residents of Emfuleni and encouraging them to participate in eradicating dumping sites.

When residents fail to pay, Emfuleni pays the ultimate price for underpayment for services

As a sphere of government closest to the people, local government is reliant on residents to reach its full potential in the delivery of services. Without residents, whose votes determined the composition of municipal councils, municipalities cannot function and fail to serve communities.

Emfuleni is no exception, when residents don’t pay for services, the municipality struggles and in some cases completely fails to deliver even the most basic of services.

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