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Saving water is everyone’s responsibility

Water being the most critical form of life and being central for most areas in the industrial sector, needs more support. Emfuleni Local Municipality has a fast growing population where the demand of clean and sufficient water is increasing every day.

People should use water sparingly at all times to save the basis of our living. Saving water has become an essential practice for all areas around the province including areas where water may be less of an issue.

Emfuleni cemeteries: The final resting place for our loved ones and champions

Emfuleni cemeteries are home to stalwarts, heroes and heroines, the pioneers and forgotten stars of our municipality.

To this day, hundreds of residents still visit our cemeteries to reconnect with late loved ones buried in our graveyards. More importantly, bereaved families still rely on our municipality for burial space to lay their loved ones to rest in our active cemeteries, which are reaching their full capacity.

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