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Illegal dumping: A real threat to our environment and an expensive burden on local government

It stinks; it is unhealthy and costs the municipality millions each year. It is called illegal dumping – the number one enemy of local government. Heaps of waste piling in street corners and open spaces – this has become a regular sight in Emfuleni. The cost of illegal dumping to the environment and the finances of the municipality is massive – and growing by the day.

Illegal dumping is a public service nightmare in which residents and businesses have plunged our municipality into a state of filth, prompting the Executive Mayor, Councillor Jacob Khawe to launch a municipality-wide cleaning campaign.

Helping to clear illegal dumping zones

Illegal dumping is a huge challenge in the country, and the situation in our area (Emfuleni) is not so different. Ward 6 community in Extension 14 Bophelong have deemed fit to start cleaning the illegal dumps in the area, and planning to transform them into public parks suitable for the family. They have just finished clearing illegal dump sites, and then invited the waste management department to help with removing and dumping the waste in the designated dumping area.

“I have met with the communities and had an in-depth discussion on what our intentions are and how these illegal dumping sites can be transformed.We have requested the municipality to install the ‘do not litter’ boards. Our volunteers from the communities will ensure the areas stay litter-free’ explained clr Kedibone Mahlase.

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