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Emfuleni Local Municipality warns of illegal burials

FAMILIES who bury their loved ones on land that is not officially demarcated graves, paid for beforehand graves and in unrecognized places as a cemetery, stand the risk of losing the deceased's remains forever.

Emfuleni Local Municipality cautions its residents against this practice. Burials that take place in “illegal graves” or unpaid for graves are not officially recorded by the municipality and are therefore unprotected.

Helping informal traders to help themselves!

The municipality (ELM) is concerned about current situation and ever increasing informal and illegal trading in the area, especially in the city centers and townships along the busiest routes such as Moshoeshoe road, Golden Highway road at Boitumelo entrance, along the Mandela Square, and Thabong shopping Mall.

While the municipality recognizes informal trading as a part of the economy, but have misgivings about the way traders conducted business. The manner in which stalls are erected, areas in which they are established dissuades potential investors.

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