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Indigent registration: Register and renew for access to free services

The municipality encourages residents who cannot afford to pay for municipal services rendered to register on our indigent database. Those who have registered are reminded that such registration requires annual renewal for the municipality to ascertain whether your financial situation has improved.

By registering on our indigent database, you qualify for free services and exemption on payment of some municipal services. Our Indigents Policy has been benchmarked against other municipalities and has been amended to accommodate the current socio-economic realities facing our area. We have been implementing this policy from the 1st July 2017 onwards.

Illegal burials robbing families of dignified funerals

Funeral are a multi-million rand industry where funeral undertakers are out to make a killing by laying our loved ones to rest. As a final display of our love for the dearly departed, families often spend a lot of money to pay their respects to the deceased. Sadly, in the process of burying their loved ones, many residents in Emfuleni have fallen prey to unregistered funeral undertakers.

This is the most dangerous kind, operating without compliance documents and making a quick buck from the sorrow and pain of bereaved families. Undocumented burial companies are nothing new in Emfuleni, with the municipality in the past declaring there were over 600 operating undertakers with only less than 10% of these properly registered and in possession of certificates of competence.

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