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New Emfuleni Call Centre to bring municipality closer to financial stability

The newly-opened Emfuleni Customer Care Call Centre will be one of the main weapons introduced by the new leadership in the Emfuleni Local Municipality in its battle to stabilise its finances and boost the delivery of services.

Launching the Centre in June, Executive Mayor, Councillor Mahole Simon Mofokeng said: “As Emfuleni we only receive 10% grants money from both the province and national government the rest of the money must collected by you the officials working here in the Call Centre. Please treat our residents - the customers - with dignity, professionalism and respect.”

Mayor condemns Sharpeville public violence

FireDisregard for public and private property when protesting should not be tolerated – Emfuleni Mayor.

Protesting Emfuleni residents who destroy public and private property will face the long arm of the law.  

This was the warning from Emfuleni Executive Mayor, Councillor Mahole Simon Mofokeng, after some Sharpeville residents, unhappy about being without electricity since Sunday, went on a rampage on Tuesday evening – looting and burning Boxer and Usave stores. The residents also barricaded roads and set tyres on fire.

“Thuggery and rampant thieving will not be tolerated. We call on the police to work with the community of Sharpeville to bring those who have committed these crimes to book. While the community’s concerns over electricity supply unavailability may be legitimate, there is no way criminality and anarchy can be tolerated,” Mofokeng said.

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