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Emfuleni Congratulates Lekoa-Shandu (Sharpeville) On Top Achievement Award

“Improve yourself and expect a lot from yourself” is the motto that kept, the Best Supporting Role and Best Actor Award Winner at the Inner City School Drama Festival and Soweto Theatre, Mdingasi Guvuzela striving for more.

Having received a bursary to study arts at Tertiary Level and Best Actor certificate, Guvuzela is overwhelmed with excitement for his promising future in the film and television industry.

Housing for Sebokeng hostel families

21 September 2016 - The Gauteng Provincial Government in partnership with Emfuleni Local Municipality handed over 64 houses to residents of Sebokeng Hostel 4 Block E today.

The MMC for Human Settlement Cllr. Motshana Jan Moshoaliba and the Ward 2 councilor Cllr. Griffith Mzizi handed over the houses to the beneficiaries, most of whom were identified based on a number of special case yardsticks such as age, disability and the number of years one has been a resident at the hostel.

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