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Makhura “ Commit to build Free houses for the Sharpeville survivors

[21-03-2016] Survivors of the 1960 Sharpeville massacres look set to be given houses and their children university education for free.

Other priority beneficiaries for low-cost houses would be ex-members of military liberation movement said Gauteng Premier David Makhura at the 56th anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre to remember 69 people killed by the apartheid police and injured scores of others during at anti-pass law march.

Cable theft- A BITTER lesson learnt

[27-03-2016] The Emfuleni Local Municipality loses millions in stolen and damaged infrastructure including electricity sub-stations, underground cabling and street lights and poles.

In a tragic turn of events, a suspected cable thief was electrocuted on Friday evening, the first day of the Easter long-weekend. He was found by passersby at a municipal electricity sub-station in Powerville, near Sharpeville. The unknown young man suffered severe burns all over his body and

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