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Vandals damage electric substations in Emfuleni

Jacob Lehoko, the assistant manager of the electricity department, has revealed that it has fallen victim to acts of vandalism in many areas of the Emfuleni Local Municipality – and that these incidents are on the increase. Lehoko said criminals are vandalizing transformers and purging the towns (Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging) into darkness.

At least about 6 sub-stations have been vandalized in less than six months which the politicians have slammed. The municipality's electricity department reported nearly all of substation have suffered break-ins, vandalized and copper been stolen since their inspection a month ago.

Emfuleni Local Municipality warns of illegal burials

FAMILIES who bury their loved ones on land that is not officially demarcated graves, paid for beforehand graves and in unrecognized places as a cemetery, stand the risk of losing the deceased's remains forever.

Emfuleni Local Municipality cautions its residents against this practice. Burials that take place in “illegal graves” or unpaid for graves are not officially recorded by the municipality and are therefore unprotected.

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