Service delivery vs Overdue accounts

Emfuleni Local Municipality is taking a tough line on non-payment of accounts.

“If the balance on your latest account shows an overdue amount, you have already been scheduled for a cut-off because your account is 30 days overdue. To avoid being cut off, you must pay your account immediately. As stipulated in the Credit Control and Debt Collection by-law the Municipality (ELM) is not compelled to provide a final demand notice or provide a 14 day grace period”, reads Municipality policy.



Emfuleni Local Municipality may restrict the supply of water or terminate electricity and refuse removal or discontinue any other service to any premises whenever a user of any service fails to make full payment on the due date or fails to make acceptable arrangements for the repayment of any services, rates or taxes or other amounts due.

If consumer do not respond immediately, their municipal services will be cut off. In this instance they will have to settle the full outstanding amount before services be reinstated. This can only be done at OK Building, Revenue Management Agency, Customer Care Offices at 2nd Floor, Vanderbijlpark.
Disconnection / reconnection fees:

Final Demand Notice: 20% of the amount owed including VAT
For the removal of an unused meter and consequent disconnection of supply: R10-000 penalty, while R40-000 is for business and industrial customers including VAT
Settling overdue accounts after services are disconnected
In the event that services have been discontinued, a customer will have to make full payment of the outstanding balance and show proof of payment before services will be reconnected. If a customer can't pay the amount in full, the customer must make an arrangement to pay the amount off over time. A customer must then come in person to a Customer Service Centres in OK Building, Vanderbijlpark to make an arrangement.

All accounts have to be paid in cash at ELM Head Offices, Rates Hall in Vanderbijlpark.

A clearance certificate for services must be obtained from the Revenue Management Agency to enable the customer to re-apply for the services at the utilities.

By Stanley Gaba

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