Getting the basics right: Restoration programme, a declaration to deliver service better

Vanderbijlpark - Thursday, November 19th, 2015 - The recently inaugurated Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Councillor Mahole Simon Mofokeng yesterday engaged with the communities of Wards 1 and 4, Three Rivers East to discuss service delivery challenges in the area. 

Themed “Getting The Basics Right, Our Restoration Programme”, the first ever public participation initiative since the inauguration of the Executive Mayor on Thursday, 12th November 2015 is aimed at creating a platform with which the Mayor can listen to the community pleas in relation to the service delivery challenges, and address them accordingly.

“Getting The Basics Right is aimed at intensifying service delivery matters,” said the Executive Mayor Mofokeng.

Councillor Mahole Simon Mofokeng engaging with the communities of Wards 1 and 4, Three Rivers

Community members in attendance showed their displeasure to the mayor, their deteriorating neighborhood particularly when it comes to the endless maze of potholes, unsafe streets at night due to lack of lighting and man-made streams of clean water gushing out from every street corner in the area.

The community further demonstrated their deep concerns with the incorrect billing by the municipality and being handed over to debt collectors that harass them consistently without fail.

In response to these and other burning issues raised, executive mayor Mofokeng committed that his office and the authorities of the municipality will do all in their power to attend to them.

“We have no time for lazy officials and those who disrespect the public in this municipality any longer, politicians included. Those who are not going to comply with this new line of march are free to leave Emfuleni. Our intention is to do better service delivery in this area,” said the executive mayor Mofokeng without mincing his words.

Differences and mostly doubts were dispelled by the end of the meeting as community members expressed hope in the recovery of their area to its former glory days in the hands of the new leadership and the commitment it has made to them. “We need to work together to ensure that tomorrow is better than today,” Mofokeng said in closing.

By: Chuchi Radebe

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