Makhura “Keep an eye on performance

During the Gauteng State of the Province Address (Sopa) held last week Monday, Premier David Makhura reported back that government was making progress in reducing the time taken by the municipalities and provincial government to approve development applications - a matter of great concern to businesses in the province.

Makhura said government would pay close attention to the performance of the firms and industries that contribute to employment and empowerment.

The Gauteng government will also promote industrial clusters for firms and businesses that are involved in complimentary activities.

In addition premier reported about winning the war against violent service delivery protests that had engulfed some parts of the province over the years.

Premier David Makhura said the violent service delivery protests had declined from 21% to 15% in the past 12 months. He attributed this to the work of Ntirhisano, a programme used by government to respond to the needs of the people.

Makhura said the programme outcomes in addressing grievances of protesting communities before they spiralled into violence ought to be heeded. "The problem was not only about service delivery, but also about the way development and delivery were being undertaken," said Makhura.

"People of Gauteng, this is testimony that we listen and act on your concerns so that we can grow together. “We are encouraged by these developments, but we will not be complacent.

Makhura paid a special and warm tribute to the struggle heroes of the Vaal this mark the first State of the Province address held in Sebokeng within Sedibeng district municipality.

Makhura took time to convey his debt of gratitude to the people of the Vaal for their sterling and irrefutable contribution to the struggle for a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa."

To rounds of applause, Makhura welcomed and honoured survivors and families of the victims of the Sharpeville 6, Sebokeng and Boipatong massacres and the leaders of the Vaal Civic Association which spearheaded the community struggles of the people of the Vaal.

"We remember and honour those who died and many who suffered as a result of these massacres.

The Premier vowed to root out racism in the province and to unite all its citizens across racial lines he announced his plan to appoint a group of people to have an "open an honest conversation" on how to build a racism-free society.

He said “There must be no room for racists in South Africa. Let us unite to build a non-racial society where every citizen has the means to realise their dreams." Makhura committed to appointing a team to look into the issue.

Makhura committed to restore hope and build unity among the people of Gauteng.

It is possible to restore public confidence and a common narrative if we, as government, honour our commitments and implement agreed plans.

Makhura told multitudes of people converging at Saul Tsotetsi sport centre that “We know that people are tired of excuses and empty promises. The commitments we make must be the commitments we honour.

He reiterated that it is possible to build productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with various sectors of society to tackle specific social and economic challenges.

He made a clarion call upon all of people of Gauteng to join his team Gauteng to work for a better Gauteng for all.

“We can solve the problem of youth unemployment and drug abuse if we build the right partnerships that give hope to our youth concluded Premier David Makhura.

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