Emfuleni Congratulates Lekoa-Shandu (Sharpeville) On Top Achievement Award

“Improve yourself and expect a lot from yourself” is the motto that kept, the Best Supporting Role and Best Actor Award Winner at the Inner City School Drama Festival and Soweto Theatre, Mdingasi Guvuzela striving for more.

Having received a bursary to study arts at Tertiary Level and Best Actor certificate, Guvuzela is overwhelmed with excitement for his promising future in the film and television industry.

Guvuzela started practising his drama skills at the Sharpeville Academy of Arts under the guidance and supervision of Director Teboho Serapelo, who is the founder of “Generation of Stars”, an arts club in Sharpeville. “I founded this group to unearth talent and inspire kids in the community to take performing arts as a career” said Teboho who confirmed that he approached Lekoa Shandu High School earlier in the year to form a drama group at the said school. A few months later, the school topped 48 Schools in Gauteng scooping a first price and the best Actor Award! The inspiration behind the drama called “The Youth of Today, Where are you going?” is the contrast between of character, morale fibre and struggles of the youth of 1976 compared to youth today.

Speaking at the assembly area filled with excited learners, Speaker of Emfuleni Local Municipality Cllr Maipato Tsokolibane expressed her extreme gratitude for Lekoa Shandu drama school, citing the importance of performing arts significance in curbing some ills that plague schools both locally and nationally “You must involve yourselves in activities such as these which are key for a brighter future. Stay away from drug abuse, alcohol abuse and use of ‘Nyaope’ the Speaker said directly to the learners.

Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM), through the Arts and Culture Department, has been providing support during preparation of the competitions during the course of the year. ELM will continue to fully support and develop local talent including schools and learners who have the potential and will to better themselves.

By: Hilda Mohlominyane

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