Helping to clear illegal dumping zones

Illegal dumping is a huge challenge in the country, and the situation in our area (Emfuleni) is not so different. Ward 6 community in Extension 14 Bophelong have deemed fit to start cleaning the illegal dumps in the area, and planning to transform them into public parks suitable for the family. They have just finished clearing illegal dump sites, and then invited the waste management department to help with removing and dumping the waste in the designated dumping area.

“I have met with the communities and had an in-depth discussion on what our intentions are and how these illegal dumping sites can be transformed.We have requested the municipality to install the ‘do not litter’ boards. Our volunteers from the communities will ensure the areas stay litter-free’ explained clr Kedibone Mahlase.

It is the duty of the ward councillors to ensure that illegal dumping is being addressed, and inform people about the benefits of caring for the environment.
“It is duty of the municipality to see to it that illegal dumping is cleared in every space where it exists, however we hope working for the communities will bring an end to this scourge because will value the work we have done for their area,” said Mahlase.

Property owners and-or the occupants must ensure that any form of waste is kept on their properties until it is removed either by the municipality on specified days or by themselves or contractors employed by them if it is rubble. Waste will only be allowed on a pavement, public place or open space if it is not placed directly into a bulk waste container or a skip for removal. The container or skip may not obstruct pedestrian or traffic movement or create a hazard to anybody.
The By-laws officers will show no remorse to any offender and the zero tolerance rule will be applied.

Members of the public are urged to report to the Environmental Health inspectors anyone who dumps waste on to any pavement, public place or open space on the following numbers: 0826543021 (Nolo Pooe) 0722364355 (Enerst Thoote) 082 654 3014 (Amos Gumede) 082 654 3074 (Nico Groenewald) 082 610 6225 (Hennie Nieuwenhuizen or alternatively report to Traffic on 016 422 3600 for the attention of the By-Laws Officers.

When reporting offenders, as much detail as possible should be given and confidentiality is guaranteed. Pictures of the offender or the vehicle registration will go a long way in helping to curb the scourge of illegal dumping.

Important Numbers