Every drop counts: Water restrictions remain a reality for Emfuleni residents

South Africa is a water-scarce country and unfavourable rain patterns have forced national government to declare some provinces as disaster areas.

In recent months, municipalities across the country introduced water restrictions, with some reaching level six, indicative of the seriousness of water scarcity. Dam levels across the country remain dangerously low.

In Emfuleni, residents are advised to preserve water as the municipality continues to battle ageing infrastructure and non-payment of services – the twin challenges that continue to threaten water supply. For the first time in our country, we learned of Day Zero – the dreaded day when water supply will hit zero in the City of Cape Town. To prevent such a disaster in our region, Emfuleni residents must save water.

Fresh-water leaks also hamper efforts in curbing distribution losses and this makes it crucial for residents to report all leakages in their homes, streets and places of work. Report significant water loss: burst pipes, faulty meters, overflowing sewers, open hydrants and other leaks. Did you know:

  • Closing taps properly saves up to 900 litres per month.
  • Turning the tap off when washing hands, face, brushing teeth and shaving saves up to 20 litres per month.
  • Fixing leaking toilets saves up to 22,000 litres per month.
  • Using a bucket, not a hose, to wash your car saves up to 300 litres per wash.

By Wandisile Kunene

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