Indigent registration: Register and renew for access to free services

The municipality encourages residents who cannot afford to pay for municipal services rendered to register on our indigent database. Those who have registered are reminded that such registration requires annual renewal for the municipality to ascertain whether your financial situation has improved.

By registering on our indigent database, you qualify for free services and exemption on payment of some municipal services. Our Indigents Policy has been benchmarked against other municipalities and has been amended to accommodate the current socio-economic realities facing our area. We have been implementing this policy from the 1st July 2017 onwards.

As a caring government, we continue to assist needy families to bury their loved ones through our indigent burial program. These burials are conducted every Wednesday by the appointed service providers with 106 burials conducted from July 2016 to March 2017.

By June 2017, there were approximately 33 998 residents on our indigent database, however, we must note that the indigent status of more than 5 271 residents has expired and these residents must now renew their applications for indigent status.

We are appealing to all our stakeholders to support our commitment to increase municipal income and reduce expenditure and improve service delivery and turn-around time in dealing with defects.

To those who afford to pay for municipal services, please pay to help improve the provision of services in Emfuleni. It was during his inauguration as the Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality on 30 November 2017 that Councillor Jacob Khawe said: “We pay for affordability and use. Let us start small to pay. Just pay at the end of the month. Have pride that you have paid. Equally important, not after or before, but at the same time, we, as Council, must improve our record of service delivery. I urge the indigents to use what they get as Free Basic Services, not more. However, if you use more please pay.”

By Wandisile Kunene

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