Beware! Cash for jobs scam in emfuleni

Desperate for jobs, many Emfuleni residents have fallen victim to a jobs-for-cash scam operated by criminals in our towns. It all starts with an SMS circulated to jobseekers, inviting them to a supposed interview for employment with the municipality.

Despite the municipality issuing a strongly-worded statement distancing itself from the scam, residents are still enquiring about the so-called interviews for which they were asked to pay anything between R3 000 to R4 000.

Again, residents of Emfuleni are warned against paying any member of the public, municipal official or politician for jobs at the municipality.

While we understand the desperation of our residents for jobs, the municipality will never ask job applicants for money – This is illegal and tantamount to fraud. Emfuleni cautions that no employee or politician is allowed to demand or request money for any municipal vacancies or interviews thereof.

The municipality does not demand or request money whatsoever for any recruitment purposes including the administration and processing of employment forms. These are done freely by the administrators in pursuance of appointing relevant persons to advertised jobs. Any person demanding or requesting money or any special favour in exchange for an employment opportunity or promise thereof must be reported immediately to the office of the Municipal Manager. The municipality hereby distances itself from the dubious operations conducted by any person named “Makhosonke” or “Betty”, demanding any fee. Any person depositing such a fee is complicit in the criminal act of fraud and corruption.

By Wandisile Kunene and Stanley Gaba


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