Adopt a high-mast light

Let’s stop the vandalism of our lights.

HIGH-MAST lights provide light, an essential service for all residents, particularly those who travel in the early and late hours of the day.

Sadly, these lights have been targeted by thieves and some unscrupulous business people in our municipality, who now use the lights at their places of business, especially tavern owners.

This new trend has seen more high-mast lights in the network vandalized, stolen and with live wires exposed.

Lapane Tsotetsi from Emfuleni Local Municipality’s Electricity Department condemned the theft of high-mast lights and their electrical components.
He said violent service delivery protests were also contributing to the damage of lights.

“When a light is stolen, damaged or vandalized, this threatens the safety of residents walking our streets and all road-users on our roads,” he said.

Thieves targeting the lights also left live wires exposed and this further endangered the lives of residents, especially children who play near affected lights.

Residents are encouraged to adopt high-mast lights in their areas and report any damage, theft or vandalism by calling the municipality’s Electricity Department on 016 430 1812/17/36/38.

high mast hDamage, theft and vandalism of high-mast lights continues to threaten the lives of residents and road-users in our municipality.

By Wandisile Kunene

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