Hooligans sabotage municipal infrastructure

Foreign objects block sewer line, disrupt learning at primary school. For two days in April, learning at the Matsie Steyn Primary School in Sharpeville was disrupted after a blockage of the sewer line in the school’s premises.

Upon further investigation by the municipality’s Metsi-a-Lekoa workers on the 11th and 12th, it was discovered that foreign objects deliberately thrown into the sewer manhole were the cause of the blockage.

This act of tempering with municipal infrastructure resulted in a massive spillage inside the school yard, forcing the principal to release learners to go home.

Bricks, tree branches, cement slabs and other debris found in the manhole caused the spillage by blocking the flow of sewer in the underground pipes.

This was a deliberate act of sabotaging municipal infrastructure and disrupting learning at the affected school. Preliminary investigations revealed that the heavy foreign objects could not have flowed with the sewer in the pipes, but were in fact placed in the pipes through the manhole opening.

Stanley Gaba, Spokesperson for Emfuleni Local Municipality condemned the incident and said it was apparent the objects were placed inside the sewer pipes by removing the heavy cement lid on the manhole which is located inside the school yard.

“Such deliberate and irresponsible activities hamper the municipality’s efforts in dealing with reported serious service delivery defects and waste resources that could have been directed towards helping other residents and communities queuing for the help of the municipality,” he said.

Gaba said municipal workers removed the objects from the underground pipes and normal flow of sewer was restored.

“While this matter has been resolved, it is unfortunate that there are people who are out to damage municipal infrastructure, consequently costing learners two days in invaluable learning time.

Ward 13 Councillor Thabo Tatae, who was the first to respond when the spillage was reported, promised to hold public meetings with residents and representatives of the school to engage and find lasting solutions to this sabotage of municipal infrastructure.

Foreign objects removed from the sewer line at the Matsie Steyn Primary School in Sharpeville.

By Wandisile Kunene
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