Address by the Executive Mayor, Councillor Mahole Simon Mofokeng at an event of being sworn as the Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality, 12 November 2015

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Cllr Mahole Simon MofokengMadam Speaker, Cllr. Maipato Tsokolibane, Madam Chief Whip of Council and ruling party, Cllr. Christina Sale and Members of the Mayoral Committee of the Emfuleni Local Municipality, Fellow Councillors, Our distinguished guests

Thank you Madam Speaker, Councilor Maipato Tsokolibane, indeed we are expected to sail and keep this ship afloat in order to deliver the people of Emfuleni to a destination we have promised them back in 2011.

I am feeling privileged to be serving with you Councillor Tsokolibane - my former colleague and a fellow member of the Mayoral Committee of this very Municipality just over ten years ago. I am also pleased by your kind words of welcoming all of us in this House for august gathering of the sitting of the Council of the Emfuleni Local Municipality.

This Council Sitting as it has correctly been outlined by your good self, is to swear-in the new strengthened Mayoral Executive Committee that together with the Emfuleni Local Council will ensure that the people of Emfuleni are served with humility, selflessness, hard work, commitment, loyalty and dedication in the next six months going to the official end of the term of the current fourth administration of local government.

Thank you once more Madam Speaker, for the support, respect and good working relationship you have offered me for the past seven years in the Sedibeng District Municipality.

Our former colleagues in the Mayoral Committee of Sedibeng District Municipality are going to miss your in-depth reading and critical analysis of all the reports presented before the Committee. Other members were at times irritated because you seemed to be exposing their weaknesses and inability.

I would also like to thank you, Madam Chief Whip of the African National Congress and the Council of Emfuleni, Councilor Christina Sale. You are also my former colleague in this very same Council of Emfuleni Local Municipality eight years ago in January 2007, when I left the political deployment as a part time councilor of this Council to be deployed as the Executive Director of Corporate Services in the Sedibeng District Municipality. I joined you once again as Councilor and as the Executive Mayor of the Sedibeng District Municipality in December 2008.

As a once part-time councilor and a Member of Section 80 Committee of Finance, both the technocrats and politicians, senior and junior alike would found it difficult as to how, without a calculator in your hands, you got it right in adding big figures up to the last cent and asked them to explain how they could get the figures wrong. Yet they were the custodians and the accountants of public funds.

Thank you once more Madam Chief Whip, a fellow member of the Political Management Team of Sedibeng District Municipality where you served as the Chief Whip and I served as the Executive Mayor. Both Councilors and Administrators of Sedibeng District Municipality are going to miss your un-announced oversight visits with your whippery to various working stations, at times about 15 minutes before official starting or ending time to check those that are not taking their work seriously.

The visits that we at times carried out as the Troika Collective assisted us in keeping and maintaining a high standard of the working ethics and discipline in the Sedibeng District Municipality.

Madam Speaker, back to the business of the day, it is with great honour announce the names of our new Mayoral Committee, and as I do I ask them to come forward and take their places as MMC’s of this strengthened Council:

Cllr Nkapu Ranake: Health and Social Development
Cllr Manana Kubheka: Waste Management, Refuse and Landfill
Cllr Eric Tshabalala: Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture
Cllr Sello Pitso: Human Settlement
Cllr Robert Thema: Finance
Cllr Khethiwe Ntombela: Public Transport, Roads and Public Works
Cllr Nomvula Thulo: Infrastructure, Electricity, Water and Sanitation
Cllr Pius Maseko: Public Safety
Cllr Busi Mncube: Corporate Services
Cllr Shaka Radebe: Local Economic Development

Fellow Councilors, Ladies and gentlemen, having spoken at length about the attributes of both Madam Speaker, Councilor Tskolibane and Madam Chief Whip, Councilor Sale, it is not about singing praises to them, but it is to send a strong warning to both politicians and administrators in this institution that there will be no room for laziness and leadership lethargy. In other words the business will be unusual as we channel our energies on the importance of service delivery.

I must make it clear too, that there will be no place to hide, we are all obliged, without excuses and without exception, to serve the people of Emfuleni with dignity and respect they deserve. One of the causes for the leadership of this municipality to have failed even to do the basics like closing potholes, grass cutting, maintaining the street lighting and proper financial management which included collection and proper spending of public fund, is because at both political and administrative levels they had the so called “untouchables” who will always hide their laziness and poor performance by making reference to the ANC and at times committing their corrupt actions in the name of the ANC.

I must say that the ANC is bigger than all of us including the opposition. So committing corrupt actions in the name of the ANC in this Institution must be a thing of the past. The ANC has deployed me here as the Regional Chairperson - the most senior figurehead in terms of ANC structures in the region with 20 years of unbroken service to the ANC at the Regional Executive Committee level and highly experienced in the local government matters serving at the executive levels both politically and administratively.

Therefore Colleagues, there is no place to hide. It is either you comply, do your work and serve our people with dignity, humility, respect, hard work, dedication and commitment or you are out of the system. No one, either in the administration or at a political level shall abuse the good name of the ANC government for their wrong doing and personal agendas because the ANC is here now in blood and flesh.

There are only two people here in this collective that can claim they are mandated by the ANC to do this or that, and those are none other than our Chief Whip and myself so the rest of you both politically and administratively will get orders from the ANC through us.

Our deployment here is the demonstration of the level of confidence the ANC has on us therefore there is no way any orders will come through an MMC or any other councilor or administrator for that matter. With three of us in the Troika and myself in particular, I promise that the center will hold.

Thank you Madam Speaker and the Executive Mayor elect of Sedibeng District Municipality Councilor Busisiwe Modisakeng, my former colleague as councilor and the former member of the Troika of the Sedibeng District Municipality, for gracing our occasion here in Emfuleni Local Municipality.

I am definitely going to miss the sound working relationship, the support and the space you accorded me to execute my executive responsibilities as the Executive Mayor whilst you, without fail and compromise played your over-sight role over the Executive as the Presiding Officer of the Legislature without interfering with the role of the Executive.

In return, I would like to assure you of my unequivocal support for your future role as the Executive Mayor of the Sedibeng District Municipality in both my capacities as the Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality and the Regional Chairperson of the African National Congress.

Gone are the days of the big-brother small-brother jostling for power between the Emfuleni Local Municipality and the Sedibeng District Municipality. Gone are the days when autonomy will be over emphasized at the expense of the seamless intergovernmental relations where the District Municipality will be given space to play its coordinating and leadership role under your stewardship.
Thank you in advance fellow Councillors, the staff of Emfuleni Local Municipality from the most junior post to the most senior post, for the support we are going to give to each other for our success in achieving our mandate , which for the purpose of this address, I chose to theme it ‘Getting The Basics Right : Our Programme for Restoration’.

My organization, the African National Congress deemed it necessary that we pause for a while and look back to the road we have traversed since elections 2011, to celebrate our achievements, identify the challenges and accelerate to the next highest gear to close the gaps and challenges identified as we approach elections 2016.

The Sedibeng Growth and Development Strategy GDS-2, crafted out of our elections Manifesto 2011 and all other policy statements of our organisation including the government remains our guiding torch in Getting the Basics Right: Our Programme for Restoration.
Thank you Leadership of our glorious people’s Movement and my political home, the African National Congress for the confidence and trust you have bestowed on me by this deployment and the collective to come to get our beautiful municipal Council of Emfuleni Local Municipality to work as expected and properly so, to serve our people in order to change their lives for the better and also to inspire their confidence and win back their trust.

We are fully aware that, ours is not an easy task, because we have to make sure that in the next five months and beyond, the Council of this beautiful and great municipality that we are all proud to live, work and play in is able to provide services to our community in an efficient, effective, economic, cost effective and sustainable manner.

Let me thank and greet leaders of all Political Organizations, Leaders of Organs of Civil Society and Leaders of our Labor Movement for honoring and humbling us with their presence here this morning to grace our important occasion.

Madam Speaker, allow me to pass my special and sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation, and thank you, and thank you, to the Leadership of the Faith Based Organizations in general, and in particular the Greater Vaal Pastoral Forum under the able stewardship of Bishop Jones for the support you have continuously accorded me even during the hardest time in my work in the political office when I hit the lowest rock, you have always lifted me up with your prayers, moral and humane support.

Thank you, former Executive Mayor Greta Hlongwane, my predecessor, and all other Executive Mayors before - for the foundation you have laid for us. We know it was a very tough four years for you Councillor Hongwane in particular and we know that is not going to be smooth sailing for us either but with the support of all our communities we shall be able to succeed to save this beautiful municipality that we all call our home.

Often in a match of football, like the one of Chiefs and Pirates, when the coach sees that his tactics are not working, he will change things around just to try a different approach so as to secure a victory. We must see the current changes in this light as we saw on Saturday at FNB Stadium.

Thank you, to the print and electronic media houses present here today, to witness this important event in our municipality of swearing in of the Mayoral Executive Committee that will navigate this municipality towards local government elections in 2016 on behalf of the people of Emfuleni.

A research has shown that you the media, play a vital role in molding a good society to develop our lifestyle and move it on the right path, because you always try to side with the truth and relevant factual information.

You are the best tool to spread awareness in the modern society either it be political, social or economic, and thereby giving us the latest insight about what is happening in our area and the world, making us aware about our rights, creating awareness against evils in our society, what new happening around us, exposing corrupt politicians and hardcore criminals by sting operations.

It is for these reasons that we are humbled and honored by your presence here this morning.

To the people of Emfuleni I want to say; I am standing here before you on behalf of this collective, not having solutions to all challenges facing your municipality, our municipality, alone, but working together with you we can do more, achieve more and move Emfuleni forward.

Ours is to provide you with good governance:

  • By allowing you free participation in all decision-making processes of your municipal council.
  • Through transparency when we take decisions and enforce them in line with the laws, rules and regulations governing local government.
  • By providing you with effective and efficient governance that meet your needs through the best use of scares or little resources at our disposal.
  • By providing you with responsiveness governance reduced turnaround time in dealing with the defects reported.
  • By providing you with accountable governance that will report back to you in all mandates given to us and the success score and challenges we come across in the process of executing our obligation.

Thank you to my family, my wife Matsie, my three daughters, Makhokolotso, Maseapehi and Nteboheng and my foster son Lebohang Matabane.

Thank you, to my parents, my father Oom Jacky, my Mother Mme Madisebo, my in laws, Ntate Motsoeneng le Mme Mamotsoeneng, my sister Lisebo Mofokeng, my younger brother Abraham Mofokeng, and all relatives present here today, thank you very much for being with us this morning.

Getting the Basics Right – Our Program Restoration

Immediately after he was sworn in as the President of the Republic of South Africa for the second term in May 2014, Honorable President Jacob Zuma convened the second Local Government Summit, supported by the Minister for CoGTA, Honorable Pravin Gordan, where they both strongly spoke to both political and administration senior leadership of the municipalities under the theme “Back to Basics”, on the need for municipalities to discharge their core services that local government provides which are clean drinking water, sanitation, electricity, shelter, waste removal and roads - are basic human rights, essential components of the right to dignity enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Madam Speaker, allow me to amplify our theme for these occasion which is Getting the Basics Right - Our Program Restoration. Our theme is motivated by our quest to get the municipality of Emfuleni to work in the manner that will make our communities proud to be associated with.

Madam Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen any institution that cannot perform its basic obligation do not deserve respect for its existence.

It is for this reason that we must get the basics right in order to restore the image of our municipality and the dignity of our people.

It is not the task of the Executive Mayor alone, or the Troika, or the Executive or the Council but everyone one’s responsibility to ensure that Emfuleni delivers quality services to our people.

Democracy is about responsibility. Therefore we call on our people to also play their role in making sure that our municipality delivers quality services to them.

The constitution of our country dictates that we must structure and manage our administration and budgeting and planning processes to give priority to the basic needs of the community, and to promote the social and economic development of the community. It is therefore for these reasons that we commit ourselves to get the basics right.

We are going to ensure that in the next five months, within the budgets that we can squeeze out, every possible street light gets on, all the potholes that we can repair gets repaired, that the trees that we can trim are nicely cut, and every possible sewer and water leak is repaired. We must go out to ensure that our towns are the most well looked after in the province, if not in the country. And all these are possible.

Whilst building of the new infrastructure is important, our emphasis is that we should rather look after and maintain the existing infrastructure before we can construct any new ones – getting the basics right and restore the dignity of our communities.

The spark that ignites our unwavering resolve to do everything possible to ensure that every girl and boy, man and woman no matter what language they speak, what neighborhood they call home is to ensure that all get quality services.

Our sports facilities, swimming pools, libraries, clinics must all be available to render quality services to our people.

Restoring the Working Ethics

During the two Ntirhisano visits by the Premier of Gauteng Honorable David Makhura, our communities raised a wide range of concerns about how those in the administration of this municipality disrespect them and treat them as if they are doing them a favor to serve them.

Let me announce here and now that everyone working in Emfuleni administration, within the quickest possible time, must make sure that they at all times wear their name tags when on duty. Failure to do so will lead to consequences. When someone treats people badly, we want to know who that person is.

We are going to make it our routine to do unannounced visits to all working stations in our municipalities and this will be coupled with us planting people to be all over the area and visiting working stations to take pics and particulars of those that are stealing public money by not doing their work.

There is also a request made by this municipality to roll over about millions and hundreds of thousands of the unspent funds that were meant for service delivery to our people.

We are going to follow up on these matters and there should be consequences for nonperformance by the municipal officials. I must state here and now that we are aware that some of the projects were delayed because of the interference by the councilors.

If we find out that anyone was responsible we are going to act against them. Being deployed in the MAYCO here or in SDM does not mean you are off the hook.

One of aspects of poor work ethics that was expressed by our residents to our Premier during the Nthirisano Programme, was that a culture of hostility by staff towards the public has set in.

Front line staff, at call centres, at paypoints, in planning departments, at emergency centres for water, electricity, and sewer, have adopted a stance of being rude, of being intolerant and of being even racists to members of the public.

The message I am sending out today is that we are coming to the front line. We will be sending in selected residents who will come as ordinary citizens to conduct their municipal business, and who will provide me with direct feedback on their experience.

War Against Corruption – Restoring collapsed projects
There are projects where there are serious problems in that the contractors have left sites and the projects are still to be completed through the appointment of a new contractor. They can be categorised as follows:

  • Five roads constructions projects that will cost the municipality additional R10m, these exclude General Hertzog Road where the contractor is already appointed and the additional costs to the municipality is around R40m on it alone.
  • Other projects like road constructions and building of clinics and other social facilities that are still to be completed will cost the ELM additional R24m.
  • Zone 6 Ext 5 Roads with the design mistakes the road was being done by a contractor that went down and it will cost the ELM additional R13m to redo it.
  • The Zone 7 Road the bridge was below the water level due to wrong design and will cost the ELM additional R17m to redesign and complete the road and already the R6m was spent on the bridge.

I’m highly saddened to have received an information that that we are going to investigate that a young boy of 13 years has drowned and died in the water at the projects. May his soul rest in peace. I’m going to make sure that as the head of this institution with the PMT and the MAYCO we pay homage to the family tomorrow.

  • The Zone 10 Storm Water Channel was wrongly designed and unqualified engineers supervised the project which already cost the ELM R23m and the additional R33m is required to redesign and complete the project.
  • The Evaton Traffic Precinct built on a water bank, and having already cost R6m is likely to collapse at any time.
  • Several Roads incomplete in Bophelong and the contractors paid in full it will cost the ELM over R50m complete them.
  • Dickinson Park incomplete already over R40m spent on the Project and additional R60m will be needed to complete it.
  • ECD in Sharpeville left uncompleted additional R4m is spent to finish the work left by the other contractor

We are going to make sure that we hunt down those contractors, municipal officials and politicians that are responsible for all these wasteful expenditure of public funds.

Financial Stability and Sustainability

Madam Speaker, fellow Councillors, the people of Emfuleni, at the heart of our difficulties here at Emfuleni is the matter of the Financial position of this Municipality.

In my previous role as the Executive Mayor of Sedibeng District Municipality, our concern over the financial status of Emfuleni was based largely on reports that we received.

Yes, the reports pointed to difficulties and challenges, but the message was that matters were in hand and that the situation was being managed.

In the few days leading up to this first Council Sitting, I have begun to look deeper into the financial crisis at Emfuleni. The details do not make good reading at all. Here are some of the indicators that should have alerted us of an impending crisis:

  • In 2010, Emfuleni was operating without an overdraft to sustain itself. In 2011 we needed R70m to make ends meet. This grew to R90m in 2012 and last year we needed R150m.
  • For a number of years now we have been operating on a deficit which in 2014 grew to R192m. Compare that to an operating surplus of R265m in 2008.
  • Over time our debt owing has grown year-on-year and as at the last quarter of this financial year, it stands at around R5bn with 81% in Residential Debt. This also begs the question, how does 19% of businesses and other debtors in our area owe this municipality R950m.

There are many more indicators that I can refer to, but they all tell the same story. I also do not want to overwhelm you during this first address with an extensive financial report. I promise you that an opportunity for that will follow soon.

As the newly elected Executive Mayor of this Municipality, I do not want to pretend to know all the answers off hand. If anything, studying the volumes and volumes of documents in the last few days has shown that the problems run deeper, that the issues are more complex, and that there is no magic wand that we can wave.

Given the financial crunch at National Treasury, even though we will not stop knocking at their door for support, we must take matters into our hands to ensure our own survival.

What will that entail in the short-term, let us say the next 100 days, what will it entail for the remainder of this financial year, and what will we need to do over the next 3-4 years?

Within the next few weeks, together with this Mayoral Committee, we will undertake a Budget Lekgotla to gain a full grasp of the challenge at hand. If indeed we have been playing ‘Musical Chairs’ with our finances to keep afloat, we will need to fully understand how we can begin to bring that bad practice to an end and point this Municipality on a path of stability and financial sustainability.

Some of the key aspects we will need to grapple with at our Lekgotla would include:

  • Collection of Revenue in non-paying areas and where we do not have the leverage of electricity cut-offs.
  • How do we clear a Backlog of Creditors standing at R120m
  • Urgent implementation of bulk water infrastructure upgraded to arrest water-losses that is costing this Municipality R200m a year. That is money going down the drain, literally and figuratively.
  • Payments by Debtors including Government Debt which is inexcusable. We cannot owe Creditors R120m, which is stalling repairs to trucks and other critical service delivery items, while government owes us R160m of which R90m is already audited. This cannot be right.
  • Ring-fencing dedicated money for hard core service delivery over the next few months.
  • The 25 ‘Short-Term’ interventions adopted by Council on 05 November 2015 are a good departure point for some answers to our short-term plan. However, the devil lies in the details. All of the 25 measures in the report have implications, for example, all wasteful overtime must be strictly managed and stopped.

However, if we cap overtime for essential basic service responses to 25 hours, does it mean that by the middle of the month if a resident has a blocked sewer on a Saturday afternoon, that the service team will only respond on Monday morning? No resident wants a sewer spillage over an entire weekend. Can we manage the work hours more smartly to avoid such a scenario? We will definitely need to cut our budget in our next Adjustment Budget.

Let us be clear about what we are not going to do from our current SDBIP.

Fellow Councilors and MMC’s in particular, you are all no doubt passionate about your departmental budgets and programmes. However, the priorities are clear. Potholes, leaking pipes, electrical faults, blocked sewers, refuse collection, street lighting, grass cutting, street cleansing … these aspects will come first.

This Council deserves a full and simplified report on the status of this Municipality. We need to know what the Recovery Plan is? We need to prioritise spending on services, and we know how much we can do and when we can do it. Armed with these commitments, we must be honest and frank with the people of Emfuleni and tell them what we can and what we cannot do for now. That also points to us needing a consistent, yet cost effective, communication plan for our residents.

To grapple with these and many other challenges, this Council should be aware that the MEC for Finance in Gauteng Province has written to the Executive Mayor of this Municipality and has established a dedicated ‘Support Team’ which consists of representatives of the Provincial Government, and now formally, 2 senior managers of the Sedibeng District in the form of Mr Yunus Chamda and Mr Brendon Scholtz.

I want to appeal especially to the Administration through our Municipal Manager, that this Support Team must get full and unhindered access to all areas of this Municipality.

Madam Speaker, we must start hearing our people. We must stop ignoring them when they complain. Many are telling us that when the water department repairs a leaking pipe and has to cut into a road, after the work is done, the roads department never moves in to finish off the work by restoring the road. It leaves our neighbourhoods looking shabby and run down.

Some tell us that the technician who fixed the electrical cable did not have a roll of insulation tape to cover the splicing, so he did his best and find a plastic packet under the seat of his bakkie and wrapped the exposed electrical cable with it before closing the trench.

Others tell us that often 3 vehicles with 12 employees will arrive at a water leak that needs only 2 people to repair. That instead of taking 30 minutes to complete the work, it will be stretched out to 3 hours of unproductive activity.

The Vaal Metro, Economic Development & Entities

Madam Speaker, as we focus on Getting the Basic Right we will continue to build for the future. This intervention at Emfuleni is also designed to stabilize and re-energize this large Municipality which will serve as the anchor for the new Metro in 2021.

The changes you see today are to strengthen that vision, and not to abandon them. All the good things that we know about our future Metro will continue unchanged.

The developments along the R42, including the new Vaal River City, and the many, many other good plans that lie on our tables will be pushed ahead so that we can accelerate our development and growth, and more importantly create sustainable jobs.

Madam Speaker as I peruse the documents from the archives of this municipality I was excited to come across Item A114 2001
which noted the following:

There are a number of key institutional and financial problems related to the current system of provision of services such as water and sanitation, electricity and waste management.

The function of security is also a non-core function of Council. This is the function that can be performed more economically, efficiently and professionally by a private company.

The provision of these services (security excluded) by the Council, affects the service delivery significantly on two levels:

  • The Council’s poor credit rating hamstrung efforts to raise loans;
  • The Council’s financial stress leading to the cuts in the operating and capital budgets of these services.

Diminishing capital funds result in the reduced ability to invest in the new infra-structure and major maintenance of the existing network.

As a result of the above-mentioned, there is a loss of about R4 million loss of water through underground leakages as a result of the dilapidated infra-structure. This makes it harder to redress service backlogs and the decline of service standards may contribute to the public health and environmental deterioration.

Recommendation: That the Council embark on the process of identifying which areas of service delivery need to be ring-fenced and developed into utilities;

Therefore Madam Speaker, for better management of our departments and operations, we will also be phasing in a system of entities so that operations are ringed fenced and functionality and performance is more easily assessed. It will also prevent all our finances lying in one huge pot. This will allow easier detection of performance and better accountability.

The way ahead has already been pointed out by the Sedibeng District Municipality as they launched their Tourism Development Entity recently.

Relations by Objective

Madam Speaker, Ladies and gentlemen, I must mentioned that I have already introduced myself to the branch Chairperson and Secretary of SAMWU in Emfuleni Comrades Masiya and Modise respectively to share our vision of Getting the Basics Right – Our Program Restoration and agreed that we will within a month convene a two day workshop on Relation by Objective.

They gave me assurance that their members, the staff of Sedibeng is always willing to serve the community to the best of their ability if tools of trade are given or made available by leadership both politically and administratively.
I can confirm that the complaints that were referred to me since the announcement that I’m coming to be the leaders of this institution and I forwarded them to the relevant MMC or officials has been attended to.

Last night I saw our teams hard at work Getting the Basics Right by fixing the street lighting starting with Frikkie Mayer Street. Keep the good work.


It would be incorrect of me if I did not address another, more critical issue at hand, even more critical than our financial crisis. Madam Speaker, our country is in a grip of a drought. By now we should have had days and days of thunder storms as we usually experience here on the Highveld. As we sit here, and as our residents go about the daily lives, I do not think we appreciate the consequences of this current situation.

If the rains do not fall soon, the situation will grow more desperate. If farmers cannot plant in the next few days there will be no food crops for next year. Food prices will sky rocket. The poorest of the poor will be hardest hit. The problem at Arcelor-Mittal, which is going to cost Emfuleni Municipality a reduction of income of R100m, will pale into insignificance if we are hit by a drought. We can expect severe water restrictions.

Lowering of water pressure to residents has already begun. I urge residents to immediately stop wastage. If you need to drive around with a dirty car for a few months, let it be so. The 50 litres of water that you use will be sorely missed if we do not have drinking water. Whatever your faith, I urge you to pray to God the Almighty to send us an abundance of rain quickly.

Madam Speaker, fellow MMC’s, members of Council, the challenges at hand are huge. The task is monumental. But we can fix things one decisive step at a time.

Let us begin with a new mind-set starting today.

Fellow Councillors, our work is on the streets of Emfuleni. As I have mentioned before, but will deliberately repeat, let us tackle high priority service delivery issues like blocked sewers, leaking water pipes, unsightly loose electrical cabling, bent and falling light poles, and most importantly, pothole repairs.

It is impossible to do it all in one sweep as we do not have the cash flow yet to do it all.

Let us take selected wards and communities and let us pick the major issues that need attention.

Let us roll up our sleeves and put the focus back in the streets of Emfuleni.

Let us face the people, let us face our challenges with courage.
Let us tell the truth.

Let us honour the memory of Mandela, and Sisulu and OR Tambo, and Saul Tsotetsi and their great legacies. If they were here now, what will they say of us?

The Recovery of Emfuleni start now.

I thank you all.


Our Vision: A developmental municipality that continuously improves the quality of life of its residents. Emfuleni Local Municipality (previously Lekoa) is one of three Local Municipalities comprising the Sedibeng District Municipality situated in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa.

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