Media Statement: Major burst pipes in Emfuleni Local Municipality

10th January 2018 - Major water burst pipes have been reported as water supply was restored yesterday by Rand Water. Normal water pressure and supply with no restrictions was restored yesterday in all areas of Emfuleni. However it should be noted that there are two (2) major bust pipes in Sharpeville, one (1) in Bonnane, four (4) in Vereeniging, and (six) 6 in Arconpark. The technicians are on sites to deal with these bursts.

Eatonside had bit of a challenge as Rand Water had to fix their valve. The community started to receive water later yesterday evening, as the Rand Water technicians took few more hours to repair.

However, Arconpark is still experiencing a serious challenge of receiving water since it has the highest number of major pipe bursts. Since this morning, Thursday morning the 11th January 2018, the supply of water in Vereeniging CBD and ArconPark will switched off, so as to allow the repair of all Pressure Reticulation Valves (PRV”s) because excessive water was lost since Tuesday afternoon.

For the facilitation of media interviews on this matter please contact:
Stanley Gaba
Communications Manager – Emfuleni Local Municipality
Cell: 083-501-7818
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