Media Statement: Water Restrictions Extended In 2018

27th February 2018 - This refers, Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) encourages all of the consumers to start using water sparingly. This follows a meeting held between ELM and Rand Water principals on Friday the 16th February 2018 whereby it was concluded that ELM has to reduce its monthly bulk water consumption by 50%.

A list of target restriction areas was drafted, and 11 out of a total of 22 meters were restricted with a minimum of 5% and maximum of 20% as of Tuesday the 20th February 2018. As a result, higher laying areas and top floors in most of the high raised buildings in our towns are experiencing intermittent water supply.

The municipality has noted with concern that areas such as Sebokeng Zone 7, Evaton and Sharpeville have been experiencing intermittent water supply since the past weekend due to the restrictions.

Also, ELM has noted that Vereeniging is one of the hardest hit areas with the majority of high raised buildings experiencing water shortages. Such buildings are hereby encouraged to evaluate whether the internal plumbing is not hindering water distribution and if not, then install pressure boosting pumps to manage the problem.

Metsi-a-Lekoa water technical team is closely monitoring the demand for water along with the storage and supply levels throughout Emfuleni in order to ensure that no consumers are further affected by these restrictions.

Since June 2017, ELM has been under a relentless threat of water restriction penalties as a result of the inability to fulfill its commitment to pay millions owed to Rand Water. Notwithstanding the heavy summer rains we are having recently, it is unfortunate for ELM to announce that water restrictions are here to stay until the municipality pays the agreed instalments with Rand Water.

ELM is therefore appealing to all consumers to start and continue paying for municipal services as this has a positive outcome on the provision of services. Those that are unemployed, those that receive grants and the child headed families are urged to register for the indigent programs to enable the municipality to apply for their service delivery grants.

It is important for customers to be cautious when using water and avoid wastage, the best way to conserve water is for everyone to use it wisely by watering garden in the morning and evening or even restricting the washing down of paths and driveways. Every bit helps when it comes to saving water.

Issued by ELM Communications

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