Vaal River Carnival 2014

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Since its inception in 2005, the Vaal River Carnival has grown in stature. The Carnival has managed to successfully bring people of every colour, race, age and background together in celebration of the beauty, history and richness of the Vaal Triangle. The success was made possible by the partnership between the Emfuleni Local Municipality, the Vaal Community, NGO’s, Parastatals and other Non Governmental organizations. The parties came together with the sole purpose of jointly marketing and profiling the Vaal Triangle as one of the best tourism and investment destinations.

The Vaal River Carnival (VRC) aims to ensure that potential tourists and investors experience the Vaal River, historic sites, state of the art hotels, conference facilities, other business and leisure facilities. It also aims to profile the easy access of the Vaal’s road infrastructure with far less traffic congestion in comparison to other cities within the Gauteng province.

Vaal River Carnival presents over 15 exciting events throughout the month of September. These events have made it one of the most popular and rapidly growing Carnivals in the country.

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