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Integrated Development Plan (IDP)

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Mr. Andries Mapetla
Manager IDP

Tel: (016) 950 5439
Cell: 063 724 6670
Email: morutim@emfuleni.gov.za

The IDP department operates within the mandate from national policy and legislative framework. The functional mandate of the IDP derived from White Paper of Local Government (March 1997) and Municipality Systems Act of 2000.

The IDP department is responsible to develop and review municipal Integrated Development Plan. It takes between 6 to 9 months to review the IDP. Emfuleni Local Municipality has developed and reviewed it’s IDP in-house since 2005 to date without use a consultant. We are the first municipality in Gauteng to introduced Ward Based Planning,

The Integrated Development Plans consist of the following phases : Analysis, Strategies, Projects, Integration and Approval.

The IDP is an instrumental tool that help local municipality focus on the most important needs of local communities taking into account the resources available at local level. IDP strengthens democracy through the active participation of all the important stakeholders decisions are made in a democratic and transparent manner.

IDP also helps to overcome the legacy of apartheid. Municipal resources are used to integrate rural and urban areas and to extend services to the poor.

Through the IDP process, municipalities are encouraged to promote co-ordination between local, provincial and national government. The different spheres of government are encouraged to work in a co-ordinated manner to tackle the development needs in a local area.

The following are the core functions of the IDP department:

  • Review Council Integrated Development Plan
  • Alignment of IDP, Budget and SDBIP
  • Co-ordinate Public Participation (deepening democracy)
  • Monitor implementation of the IDP projects
  • Liaise with external and internal stakeholders