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Project Management Unit (PMU)

An overview

The PMU is a unit within the municipality that is dedicated to manage infrastructure (capital) projects. They are accountable to the council and management structure of the municipality in which they are established. However they are supported and monitored by the national and provincial MIG units.


Functions of the Project Management Unit as set out in the PMU Business Plan affirmed by DPLG are as follows:

  • Project managing MIG funding, within the relevant municipal accounting system.
  • Managing projects of their own using MIG funds and projects of other municipalities (Type 3) where they are delegated this authority.
  • Co-ordinating the project identification process between municipalities served by the PMU, in terms of the relevant IDPs.
  • Co-ordinating the project feasibility and business planning process, with the involvement of other municipal departments if appropriate, in terms of the relevant IDPs.
  • Establishing and approving contracts with contractors and consultants for each project, including feasibility studies.
  • Project management, ensuring projects meet planning objectives.
  • Ensuring that project-related capacity building and development objectives are met.
  • Managing the monitoring database and preparing all necessary reports.

How PMU fits into the Municipal Organisational Structure

Scope of work of PMU

In keeping with the MIG principles, the crosscutting conditions and the sector specific conditions stated above - the PMU will be responsible for the following key functions and outputs at an operational level:

1. Financial Management

The PMU is responsible for the administration and financial management of MIG funds, within the municipal and national accounting systems for infrastructure projects of the municipality.

2. Project Identification / Feasibility process

The co-ordination of the project identification and prioritization process for municipalities served by the NDM, whilst ensuring proper integration of the respective IDPÕs with the appropriate input from the various other government departments to ensure synchronized service delivery. The PMU is not directly responsible for planning but will liaise closely with the municipal planning department and the PIMSS centre with NDM.

3. Contract Administration

The co-ordination of the administration of service agreements and contracts with contractors and consultants for each project, including feasibility and backlog studies.

4. Programme / Project Management:

The PMU will be responsible for the management of the infrastructure development programme of the NDM, as well as physical project implementation activities while ensuring that:

  • All projects meet overall planning objectives and specific key performance indicators as determined by the Municipal Manager.
  • The co-ordination of regular progress meetings at local level and representation at the national progress meetings.
  • The associated project management administrative functions from project registration, evaluation through to final project completion reports.
  • The project implementation will be done in terms of the current arrangements of projects implemented by the NDM at various local municipalities wherein municipalities are required to identify the projects, participate in awarding tenders through project steering committees.

5. Monitoring Database

The PMU will be responsible for the (IT) management of the monitoring database in consultation with the Assistant Manager: IT and the preparation of all necessary reports to the Municipal Manager and the relevant provincial and national departments.

6. Project Monitoring and Evaluation:

The PMU will be responsible for the:

  • Socio-economic impact assessment detailing how the MIG programme has impacted on the communities and municipalities in terms of; skills development, community involvement, municipal partnerships, local economic development and how the lives of the communities have improved.
  • Facilitation of backlog studies and environmental impact assessment of projects when necessary.

7. Other capital works funding

Projects funded from other sources will be included within the competence of the PMU.

8. Project based capacity building

The PMU will be responsible for the co-ordination of project-based capacity building and development initiatives. The NDM will engage the CITA for learnerships which will enable the Council to do programmes like the Expanded Public Works Programme. Both contractors and staff will be capacitated through this process.

9. Community Liaison / Development

It is critical to the success of the programme that there is the appropriate communication and liaison with the community in respect of project planning and implementation to ensure buy-in and long term sustainability of the projects in terms of the community understanding the need to pay for services.