CNR. Klasie Havenga & Frikkie Meyer Blvd.

Vanderbijlpark, 1911

Open Weekdays (07:45 - 16:15)

Closed on Weekends


Madoda Besani

Mr. Madoda Besani

Chief Director Metsi-a-Lekoa

Tel: 016 986 8376

Cell: 082 900 2227

Email: madoda@emfuleni.gov.za

Metsi-A-Lekoa is dedicated water services authority entity for Emfuleni Local Municipality and its core functions is the water and sanitation functions of the Municipality. The entity is located at NW7 in Vanderbijlpark and the department is structured as follows:

Operation Section

  • Purpose
    • To operate, maintain existing W&S infrastructre in the Emfuleni area.
  • Functions
    • Maintaining:
      • Water distribution system and
      • Sanitation system (including WWTW's)
    • Managing operational projects lik Water
    • Demand and Water Conservation Projects

Customer Care

  • Purpose
    • To provide communication to customers
  • Functions
    • Awareness programs
    • Complaints
    • Customer Research and surveys

Planning & Projects

  • Purpose
    • To manage the existing and future W&S infrastructe in the Emfuleni municipal area
  • Functions
    • Maintain the Asset Management for the department
    • Managing of capital related projects
    • updating and implementation of Master Plans
    • comment and control of building plans, new developments, way-leaves and information to developers

Finance & Support Services

  • Purpose
    • To provide administrative support
  • Functions
    • Financial Services
    • Administration
    • HR Services

Metsi-a-Lekoa as part of ELM has an exclusive use of certain assets that are reflected on the municipality‘s balance sheet. These includes but not limited to:

  • Call Centre
  • Fleet of vehicles
  • Office Security (CCTV)
  • Computer Technology

The focus of the entity includes the phasing in of a billing system for all the townships with water meters to move from the flat rate to actual consumption billing. Areas without meters would also be taken on board in the same exercise. The objective of the whole exercise is to increase the municipality’s revenue base. The introduction of the monitoring of the Industrial Effluent Programme to ensure that industrial effluent is compliant prior to entering our sewerage purification systems is very important. Equally important, are the processes for the ring fencing of Metsi-a-Lekoa and the implementation of the Sedibeng regional Sewerage Scheme (SRSS). The sewerage spillages mostly in the townships would also receive a much improved maintenance programme.