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Vanderbijlpark, 1911

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Environmental Management and Planning Department

The department currently operates 4 mini dump / transfer stations in the Vereeniging area and operates Waldrift, Boitshepi and Palm Springs landfill sites. The departments has three main depots located in Sebokeng serving the northern area, Vereeniging serving the eastern area and Boipatong serving the western areas. The Waste Management Department is currently performing the following functions within the Emfuleni Local Municipality in line with National and Provincial Policies:

  • Household refuse collection services
    • Providing a weekly household collection to 154380 household and implement new service demands on a continuous basis.
  • Business refuse collection services
    • Daily collection in the business areas 6 days per week
  • Bulky garden and builders Rubble services
    • Providing on a pre-paid basis all bulky refuse that cannot be collected using the usually bag system throughout the municipal area.
  • Removal of Illegal dumps
    • Providing a two weekly removal of all illegal dumping in all hot spots identified within the municipal area.
  • Street sweeping and public toilet facilities
    • Provide a daily street sweeping 6 days per week to all CBD areas within the municipality. Also facilitate litter collection from all main roads and open spaces and cleaning of public toilets.
  • Mini dump transfer stations
    • Provide well maintained, licensed infrastructure and daily service 6 days a week of all mini transfer stations to provide sufficient capacity to cater for disposal needs of residents.
  • Final disposal of refuse on all landfill sites
    • Provide well maintained, licensed infrastructure and daily serviced 7 days a week of all landfill sites to accommodate and accept all general waste requirements of the residents in all areas of the region.
  • Waste Minimization
    • Providing education and awareness on waste minimization strategies in order to improve environmental management prolong the landfill site life span and instill a sense of entrepreneurship amongst the communities.
  • Master planning activities
    • Compilation of a master plan to determine present and future needs in order to provide a long-term planning interventions.

Wheelie Bin Collection and Rollout