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Fleet Management

Fleet Manager

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Fleet Department is comprised of two divisions namely Fleet Services and Fleet Maintenance. Both sections are headed by Assistant Managers, respectively, under the leadership of the Departmental Manager.

1.1. Fleet Services Division

Fleet Services Division of the department is mainly responsible for the following:-

  • Procurement and disposal of vehicles in accordance with SCM Policy
  • Vehicle contracts management
  • Client Liaison
  • Vehicle administration (licensing and registration)
  • Vehicle allocation and utilization monitoring
  • Facilitation of accident claims and repairs
  • Monitoring of the fleet asset register
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Legal Compliance in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Act

1.2. Fleet Maintenance Division

Fleet Maintenance Division of the department is mainly responsible for the following:-

  • Vehicle maintenance
    • In House and Outsourced maintenance
    • Scheduled and responsive maintenance and or repairs

2. The Fleet

New fleet

Emfuleni Local Municipality has a medium diversified fleet of about 1044 vehicles, ranging from light vehicles to construction equipment; in operation to provide essential services to the community it serves. Departments within ELM are very dependent on the maximum availability of vehicles in order to efficiently render services.

As part of expediting the process of rejuvenating the current fleet, Emfuleni Local Municipality has opted to acquire vehicles on a three year (3) Full Maintenance Lease agreement from Fleetmatics (Pty) Ltd. The delivery of vehicles has been structured to take place over a period of three years, with 182 vehicles delivered in 2013/2014 Financial year. To date 108 light vehicles have been.

3. Fuel Control Measures

To reduce the fuel bill of the municipality Fleet Management Services Department had to implement new stringent measures to effectively control and monitor all fuel issues at ELM fuel depots. The following main measures, among others have been officially implemented on 03 September 2012 to reduce wet stock losses.

  • Fleet Services have refrained from issuing fuel to vehicles which do not comply with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and National Road Traffic Act.
  • Implementation of fuel reconciliations on daily basis for effective monitoring of any losses that may occur.
  • Timeous recording of all fuel issues on applicable software.
  • Activation on fuel cutters on less critical fleet to reduce unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Installation of fuel cutters on all vehicles and activation thereof.
  • Streamlining of all fuel acquisition processes to ensure accountability.

Over and above the manual recording of fuel issues at the filling stations, Fleet Management Services makes use of the AFS system for instant, remote and electronic recording of fuel issues. All data recorded on the referred system is used to verify the details recorded manually at all depots for the information to be imported in to financial system.

Implementation of the fuel dispensing measures has proven to be effective as an immense reduction in the losses has been observed in the last 20 months.