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Ms A Streak

Ms A Streak
Assistant Manager

Tel: (016) 950 5543
Fax: 086 555 5327

The Property Section’s vision is the effective facilitation of lease and purchase applications and registration of servitudes over Council owned land and access control applications as well as the effective and efficient managing of Council fixed assets.

The Section liaises on a regular basis with applicants/developers who intend leasing and purchasing Council property, professionals and governmental departments.

A moratorium on the sale of Council property exists and the only applications which are at presently being dealt with are:

  • Lease of Council property
  • Registration of servitudes over Council owned land
  • Access control applications.

A land audit has been conducted by a consultant and was finalized. This audit is in process to be verified in terms of occupation, legal agreements, and other commitments for example applications in terms of the Conversion Act of 1988. The lifting of the moratorium will be considered by Council as soon as the verification process is finalized.

The transfer of certain properties (businesses, crèches and churches) in the townships into the name of the legal owners is in process. These properties only involve vacant land, which were allocated to individual owners prior 1 January 1989 and on which individual occupants erected their own buildings.

The Gauteng Department of Housing is facilitating the process in co-operation with Council officials. The Gauteng Department of Housing has finalized a determination process and advertised certain properties on which documentation is available. Where allocation letters and/or other documentation is not available, the Property section will now embark on a process to call on individuals who can submit evidence of allocation to submit such to Council in order to finalize the transfers of these properties.