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Business Growth and Retention Unit

Community Work Programme

CWP’s purpose is to provide employment safety net; to contribute to the development of public assets and services in poor communities; to strengthen community development approaches; to strengthen economic climate for people in poor areas, providing work experience, enhancing dignity, and promoting social and economic inclusion.

Social Labour Plan (SLP’S)

To engage manufacturing and mining companies and ensure that they:-

  • contribute to promotion of employment and advancement of whilst ensuring economic growth and socio-economic development
  • Utilise and expand the existing skill base for the empowerment of Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDAs) and serve the community
  • Effective transformation of the mining and manufacturing industries

Business Forums

  • Mobilisation and facilitation of capacity to business forums

Job Creation Measurement

  • Monitor job creation trends and statistics within the municipality.

Business Retention and Expansion Programme

Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) is an action-oriented and community-based initiative to business and economic development. This initiative promotes job growth by helping communities learn about issues and concerns of, as well as opportunities for, local businesses and set priorities for projects to address these needs. This initiative is a consultative one that involves all the stakeholders in a given area.

Ultimately, communities will have greater success in attracting new business if existing businesses are content with local economic conditions and community support. Business development and job creation are key factors in developing healthy and vibrant communities.

Contact Person
Mzukisi Ronyuza
Senior Admin Officer: Business Growth and Retention
Tel: (016) 950-6560
Fax: 086 586 8557
Cell: 083 513 0478
Email: mzukisir@emfuleni.gov.za


Lerato Segone
Job Creation Measurement, Social and Labour Plan
Tel: (016) 950-6560

Teboho Mphutlane
Business Growth and Retention
Tel: (016) 950-6560

Palesa Morutswane
Community Working Programme
Tel: (016) 950-6560