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8 000 megaliters quota allocated to Emfuleni as the municipality lifts reductions on Evaton, Palm Springs and Sebokeng meters.

Due to the impact of the 20% water reduction credit control measure imposed on Emfuleni Local Municipality since Tuesday, 01 December 2020, the municipality yesterday (Thursday, 17 December 2020) met with Rand Water technical staff to come up with solutions on how to augment water supply in Evaton, Palm Springs, Sebokeng and other areas currently experiencing shortages.

As things stand now, water users in Emfuleni have consumed 7 800 million liters (inclusive of the 20% reduction) of water for the month of November 2020. This is only 200 million liters short of the 8 000 million liters per month quota imposed by Rand Water.

To mitigate the water shortages currently experienced in Evaton, Palm Springs and Sebokeng, reductions to the three area meters will be lifted.

With an understanding that overall water reductions remain in place, lifted reductions from Evaton, Palm Springs and Sebokeng will be spread across other area meters to maintain the overall 20% reduction target.

Today (Friday, 18 December 2020), as part of normalizing supply in the areas experiencing water shortages, the municipality jointly with Rand Water will be monitoring the impact of lifted reductions over a 24-hour period. Provided that there are areas that are still experiencing shortages, the municipality will have no other choice but to implement water rationing across all areas.

As part of a solution to deal with water shortages and to fulfill the 20% reduction target, the municipality will be reducing pressure for Sebokeng and Evaton areas from 22h00 until 05h00 in order to lower night flow wastages. Combined with other demand management measures like physical leak repairs and using water sparingly, collectively we can keep up with the 8 000 million liters per month consumption quota with little to no effort.

The municipality’s water augmentation plan is designed to ensure that water all users have access to supply at all times. Currently our water use remains alarmingly high, with daily consumption estimated at more than 280 million liters per day. We have done well to reduce consumption the last month (November 2020) but there is still room for improvement.

We want to thank residents who are using water sparingly. Your efforts have yielded positive results and have demonstrated that the people of Emfuleni are capable of using water wisely.

The municipality will be closely monitoring water demand with more attention given to those who abuse this precious resource, and show no regard for the challenges we are facing. Excessive water users undermine the efforts made by those wo use water sparingly and this cannot be allowed any further.

The municipality will be investing most of its resources towards normalizing water supply in the area however, this is only achievable with support from all water users.

The municipality further commits to doing everything possible to ensure that everyone has access to water supply even in this challenging times.  But that starts with a new understanding that water services are not free and that they should be paid to avoid water reductions in the future.

This is therefore a call to action to all water users, we can only move ahead of this predicament if we work together.


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