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Media statement: No water in Vanderbijlpark due to a vandalised valve

02 March 2016 - An unexpected water supply interruption occurred as a result of a vandalised Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) in Rabie Street, CE 6. This had a negative impact on the provision of water supply in Vanderbijlpark’s CBD, CW and CE areas. 

The damaged valve rests on a main water supply pipe that feeds water to the Vanderbijlpark reservoirs. To repair the PRV, the main supply from Rand Water had to be shut down thus resulting in the drop of water levels in the reservoirs. There was no water in a number of areas within Vanderbijlpark area.
Employees of the water services unit of ELM, Metsi-a-Lekoa, fixed the leaking valve in a commendable time and re-established water supply to the reservoirs in just a little over 5 hours, which is a remarkable accomplishment given the nature and extent of the damage.

ELM apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the affected customers. The municipality further urges the community to assist in fighting the theft of copper, cables and any kind of infrastructure. These thefts are treated as a serious crime and thus the law will have to be applied accordingly to the perpetrators.

Issued by : Communications Department
Contact : Stanley Gaba (016) 950 6481
Designation : Acting Manager