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On Friday the 28th of January 2022, the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) launched the FRIDAY CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN aimed at restoring the beauty of the Vaal. The MMC for Environment and Planning Cllr. Jones Radebe launched the campaign jointly with the Executive Mayor, Cllr. Sipho Radebe, the Speaker of Council, Cllr. Sibongile Soxuza, the Municipal Manager, Mr. Lucky Leseane, the Executive Directors Mrs. Refiloe Mokgotsi and Mr. Thabo Ndlovu, employees from Super By-Law, Waste, Roads and Stormwater Departments. Community volunteers also joined the launch. 

With a little over 40 days in office, the new administration is hitting the ground running with a commitment to turn the Municipality around by improving service delivery and making Emfuleni a Municipality of choice once more. 

In light of a cleaner Vaal attracting more business into the area while stimulating the local economy, the campaign is also aimed at ensuring that our area goes back to an economic hub it once was, booming with opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Addressing members of employees, members of the media and members of the public at the launch, MMC Jones Radebe called upon all communities in Emfuleni to take part in the process of restoring the Vaal to its former glory by  looking after the environment and reducing the number of illegal dumping sites.  This is will serve as an  affirmation of a social contract between the municipality and its consumers:

“The municipality calls upon all stakeholders to join hands in cleaning the Vaal. Every little bit of help from all residents goes a long way in resolving some of the service delivery challenges facing Emfuleni.” MMC Sipho Radebe said.  

IMG 2294Speaking to Executive Mayor Cllr. Sipho Radebe, and he said that he is happy to form part of such a great initiative led by the Environment Management and Planning MMC. In his inspirational speech, the Mayor was clear on challenges facing the municipality and how these challenges affect efforts to render quality services to the deserving communities of the Emfuleni.

“The municipality is faced with a lot of challenges as we are all aware, but we can’t comprise our residents by not delivering quality services and allowing our towns to deteriorate any further than they have. All of this happened under our watch as leaders in power and this is dishonorable to some of us who are jealous about the Vaal to say the least.” Mayor said.

Executive Mayor Radebe further said that he found it befitting for him to grace and form part of the launch together fellow political leaders and the administration of municipality. 

“Today I have decided to lay aside my suits and statis as the Executive Mayor to join employees mandated to make this campaign a success, I have high hopes that this campaign will gradually grow to a level that it runs for the duration of my term in office. Effective today (28 January 2022), Fridays will never be the same in Emfuleni, all residents must just brace themselves for the good that is coming.  It is only the start of the campaign which will gradually grow”.

The Friday Clean-Up Campaign will continue until end June 2022 with more and more service delivery departments joining the initiative as per necessity of the area targeted.  Additional to grass-cutting, household waste collection, clearing of illegal dumping sites, storm water catchment pit cleaning, pothole patching and removal of illegal business structures in town centers, the campaign will address other service delivery challenges such as leaks, blocked sewer lines and electricity outages.   The initiative aims to restore the dignity of the Vaal in general, especially our towns in a bid to stimulate the local economy. IMG 2269

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Vanderbijlpark wakes up in the dark due to infrastructure vandalism

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The Emfuleni Local Municipality has noted with concern the remorseless vandalism of electricity infrastructure in and around Vanderbijlpark that left consumers in Powerville Park, Riverspray, CE, SE and SW areas without power for the better part of today. The vandals attempted to steal a cable supplying Unibijl Substation which plunged all of Vanderbijlpark into darkness.
Power supply to a majority of areas that were affected by the outage has been restored. Technicians are working on efforts to restore supply to areas that are still off.
In a separate incident of vandalism that happened this morning in NW 7, a man lost his life while trying to steal cables behind Town Substation next to the Roads and Stormwater depot. The incident has been reported to the South African Police Service (SAPS) for investigation.
Cable theft persists to obstruct service delivery programmes on the part of the municipality and its consumers. The municipality continues to condemn attacks of electricity infrastructure by cable theft syndicates.
It is in this regard that residents are urged to be on the lookout and report any information that can lead to the arrest of these criminal elements.2629b984 a9ee 4f78 acae 73afd7493d5e