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The municipality will be writing-off arrears for eligible municipal account holders who need help with bringing back their accounts into good standing through the incentives scheme. Residential account holders with arrears dating back to 31st May 2021 will qualify for 50% discount while business account holders will qualify for 30% discount upon approval of application. 

Consumers are notified that the incentive scheme is limited to consumers with arrears of more than 90 days and this does not include traffic fines. Eligible account holders may also receive assistance with future payments. 

Please be advised that the cut-off date for the incentive is  August 2022.

What is the ELM Incentive Scheme?

Emfuleni offers a consumer relief program to write-off outstanding debt per category to help pay a percentage of the arrears for residential customers and Businesses. The following categories have been recommended for write-off:

  • Indigent balances
  • Prescribed debts as prescription act
  • Rates and taxes older than 3 years

The balance after the write-off of above categories will be considered for the Incentive Scheme. 

Residential Account Holders

  • Eligible customers may qualify for 50% discount on the outstanding balance after the prescribed debt write-off. 
  • The remaining balance should be settled in a period of 12 months. 
  • A 50% discount on rates and taxes should be settled within 12 months.


  • Eligible customers may qualify for 30% discount on settlement of the balance amount.
  • The remaining balance should be settled in a period of 12 months. 

Failure for residential account holders and businesses to settle the accounts in the prescribed periods, or if there is a default on one payment, the 50% write-off will be uplifted.  

How to apply 

  • To apply for INCENTIVE SCHEME, download the application form HERE and return by email or hand deliver at the Customer Care Office. Submit completed applications and required documentation by email to:  or 
  • Pick up the application form in person at the ELM Customer Care Office (No. 74 President Kruger Street in Vanderbijlpark, Monday to Friday during from 08h00 until 15h30. 

Other Ways ELM Can Help

  • Payment extensions: You may request a payment extension or make payment arrangements.

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